Imlie 15th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Aryan scolding Imlie for failing in the test. He gave her a challenge to handle CEO duties for one day but she left her duties for his ex husband’s babysitting. She couldn’t balance her personal and professional lives. Imlie says her family issues are not less important for her. She felt taking care of her family is more important now. But he cant praise her for her good work. He knows how to judge her all the time. Harish tastes puri bhaji made by Imlie and loves it. He tells her well done. Aryan taunts Imlie saying she should be happy then after hearing praises for making puri bhaji. Imlie feels upset.

Imlie joins Tripathis to have food. Aryan sits in Aditya’s chair and Aditya gets irked. Aryan wishes everyone good morning. Malini says Aryan took Aditya’s place when they didn’t leave yet. Rupy makes Aditya sit and says Imlie made his favourite dish. It hurts Aryan and he leaves without having breakfast. He says he has lot of work.

Malini thinks Aryan comes to Imlie’s rescue everytime she lands in trouble so she should try to manipulate him to separate Aditya and Imlie. Malini tells Aryan she feels sad for him sometimes as he is doing everything for Imlie but the latter doesn’t love him back. Aryan says she is his employee nothing else. Malini says everyone can see what he feels for Imlie except Imlie herself. He can’t get her love as she only loves Aditya. She then again gives him an offer like last time to join hands with her to separate Aditya and Imlie forever.

They tried everything on their own but they couldn’t succeed. Aryan gets up and says he strikes deals everyday so he can’t trust her easily. He demands to hear her actual purpose and her reality. She says she will tell him everything later in a different place. They shake hands and become partners. Malini leaves. Imlie asks Aryan why was he with Malini? She never thought he would do something like that. He starts laughing and calls him a bad actor. Aryan says Malini believed him instantly.

Flashback is shown, Imlie tries to hypnotize Aryan with a locket and he tells her to stop doing that. Her hair falls on his face by mistake and they share an eye lock. She continues to play the trick and asks him call himself by another name. She then says she is planning to trap Malini by hypnotizing her. Aryan says Malini is a cunning woman. It’s not that easy to trap her, she came to him before with the partnership offer. Imlie gets an idea and tells Aryan to act like he loves her and he is jealous of Aditya as Imlie doesnt love Aryan.

Aryan gets nervous seeing her close to him. He gets lost and Imlie explains to him that they can use this lie to expose Malini in front of all. Later Imlie laughs saying she doesn’t think Aryan can love someone. His third sentence is always pending. He loses his calm and holds her hand tightly. He asks does she feel that he has no heart and he can’t love someone madly? He can only run business and can’t give flower to someone. Imlie says she feels his aim is bigger than this love. Aryan says she is right. He also likes her idea of uncovering Malini’s truth. He says he will act well.

Malini tells Anu that she can’t trust Aryan that easily because Imlie is involved in it maybe. Before meeting Aryan she decides to send Imlie in a place where a home breaker like her should go.

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