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Imlie offers her jewelry to goons and asks them to return her bracelets. Goons misbehave and pass lewd comments about her. Atharva angrily throws them away until they all fall injured. Senior goon apologizes to Rudra and offers him bracelets. Atharva asks them all to apologize for Imlie whom they have offended. Imlie warns them never to misbehave with a woman again and asks who gave them these bracelets. They say they don’t know, return her bracelets and run away. Imlie thanks Atharva for her support and getting these bracelets back. Atharva says it’s nothing for what she does for his family. They both return home with bracelets and let them know who they have back from goons. Rudra praises Imlie for her brave act. Imlie says she can do anything until Atharva gets to her. Rudra says that his mother’s bracelets are the most precious to him and says that both of them are a hope for his family and he knows that they will keep his family united. Keya and Akash are smoking.

Imlie calls Naina and apologizes for what happened at the concert. Naina forgives her. Atharva praises her for apologizing to Naina and befriending her. Imlie says she is. Atharva asks why she apologized to Naina when she said it wasn’t her fault. Imlie says that when she and Naina meet again, they would have remembered the concert incident and developed a grudge against each other, so she cleared everything up. Atharva says that even he is mistaken and hides from her, a regret would not justify his mistake. Chini thinks she should make an excuse for Abhishek and somehow get away from him. She says she wants to call Rupali because she is sick and walks aside. Abhishek calls Arpita and asks if Rupali and everything are okay. Arpita says yes. Abhishek breaks call and thinks why Chini lied. China returns.

Atahrva takes Imlie for a long drive. Imlie asks him to stop at a tea shop. He stops at a roadside stall where Chini and Abhishek are. Chini notices them and quietly leaves with Abhishek. Imlie takes tea from a tapri. Atharva says he will have something else. Tea seller says his shop’s paan/betel leaf is very famous. Atharva says that in his childhood he saw Amit ji having paan and singing a song. Imilie asks when uncle neighbor Amit sang a song. Atharva says he is talking about Amitabh Bachchan. Chini takes Abhishek aside and says she wants someone who can own a restaurant and not take her to a tapri, so he should meet her again if he can own a restaurant. Abhishek says he liked her honesty and leaves. Chini thinks he didn’t mind even after his insult.

Atharva enjoys paan and sings Khaike Paan Banarawala song while driving back. Imlie notices that he is getting drunk and losing his balance and asks if he is okay. He says yes and drives recklessly. Imlie tries to stop him. Atharva says he is safe until she gets to him. He loses control of the wheel and crashes the car into a tree. They both get injured. Atharva falls unconscious. Imlie drives him home. Atharva opens his eyes at home and asks how she got hurt. Imlie says even he is hurt. Atharva apologizes to her. Imlie says it’s not his fault as the paan shop owner mixed something in paan. Atharva says he cannot remember what happened after he had paan. Imlie says he sang a song and she didn’t know he was so funny. Atharva asks if he is boring. She asks him to rest and goes to prepare food for him. Chini walks over and blames Imlie for his condition. Atharva says it’s not Imlie’s fault, he feels guilty for not telling the truth to Imlie yet. Chini asks what he is waiting for then and walks off.

Divya and Shivani indirectly blame Imlie for the problems in their family. Devika keeps their mouths shut. Imlie hears the door knock and opens it. She is shocked when she sees the police. Inspector asks who owns this black car. Atharva walks up to Imie and says he wants to talk. Imlie tells Inspector she is driving it. The inspector says she’s been arrested.

Precap: Imlie feels heartbroken when she hears Atharva tell someone/Chini that he loves her and not Imlie. Atharva notices her and tries to explain. Imlie says it’s better if they split up.