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Imlie realizes that her bracelets have been replaced with fake bracelets and sets out to find her bracelets. Atharva walks up to her and asks if something is wrong. Imlie informs that his grandmother’s bracelets that his mother gave him have been replaced with fake bracelets. Atharva says that servants cannot do that as they have been working for them for years, and asks her not to inform anyone about this until they find out the real culprit. Someone calls Imlie. Anu meets Imlie and asks if she has become loyal to Imlie or too obedient to Rupali that she is going to meet another boy. Chini will have fun with the boy in a super luxury restaurant booked by Rupali. Anu asks to spare Imlie for Atharva. Chini says she already got Imlie into trouble and describes how she stole Imlie’s bracelets and replaced them with fake ones. Anu praises her. Chini says she deserves a nice date after hard work. Anu says of course. China leaves.

Atharva and Imlie are sitting in front of havan. Shivani asks where Chini is. Rudra says that this havan is for their family and the whole family is already here. Devika says that the immense blessings of god are upon them, but they have also tested them a lot; years ago they had suffered huge business losses and had to sell her jewelry. However, Rudra says that she did not sell his amma/mother’s bracelets. Imlie looks at Atharva’s face. Devika says that ammaji always said that all 5 are her real wealth, even she didn’t forget that family unit is the real wealth and she is sure that Imlie can continue their family line and earn ammaji’s bracelets. Keya says older DIL deserves that bracelet and not younger ones. Akash shows Imlie looking nervous. Keya says he is right, what must be the reason. She notices Imlie’s fake bracelets, informs Akash and tells them to take this opportunity to discredit Imlie.

Chini reaches a fancy restaurant to meet a boy Abhishek Agnihotri and thinks if he can’t afford it. A manager refuses her entry. She arrogantly shows her attitude and says she is Chini Tripathi. Manager checks the reservation list and says her name is not on the list. She asks about Abhishek Agnihotri. Manager says no and asks her to step aside and let the customers in. Abhishek walks towards her. She asks if he is chiku shake Abhishek. He says yes. She tells him to make a reservation to enter this restaurant. He says he knows and came to take her to another place. He takes her to a roadside tea stall/tapri and says he will serve her good tea on their first date. Chini calls Rupali and asks where she gets such middle class and cheap guys from. Rupali says that Chini is making mistakes instead and asks why she didn’t inform them about Devika’s missing. Chini nervously says actually… Rupali says that Chini is selfish and only concerned about herself, so she should meet Abhishek who is a good boy and finish him off. Chini fumes with anger.

Devika asks everyone to put their bracelets in the milk pot. Everyone does it, including Imlie. Divya says that Havan is spoiled with yellowing milk. Shivani checks the milk pot and finds Imlie’s bracelets fake. Keya says that Imlie replaced family bracelets with fake ones and provokes Shivan against Imlie. Imlie says someone stole ammaji bracelets and replaced them with fake ones. Shivani and Keya keep accusing Imile. Atharva sides with Imlie saying that she informed him about it first and is the one who saved him, Rudra and Devika and always takes care of the family. Divya asks who stole bracelets then.

Chini gets bored with Abhishek while drinking tea. Abhishek says even he is bored and asks if she is not talking. She asks how much he earns. He says 30000-40000 rs. She says she can’t even buy 2 dresses with that money, how will he take care of her. He says he is not her babysitter to take care of her. She thinks he is broke and annoying, at least she can be happy thinking about Imlie’s condition. Shivani says that Imlie sold real bracelets and replaced them with fake bracelets. Atharva tells her to remember everything Imlie has done for their family before she thinks wrong about Imlie. Keya then asks who is stealing bracelets from home. Atharva says bracelets will speak for themselves. Devika asks where he will get bracelets from. Atharva says that thief would have sold the bracelets to a jeweler so he will find out and return them. Imlie accompanies them. They reach a local market where they see a lad holding those bracelets. Atharva approaches him and offers 1 lakh for the bracelets. Goon says 2 lakhs. Atharva agrees. Goon demands 5 lakhs and misbehaves with Imlie.

Precap: Imlie feels heartbroken when she hears Atharva tell someone/Chini that he loves her and not Imlie. Atharva notices her and tries to explain. Imlie says it’s better if they split up.