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Imlie and Atharva show Devika’s photo to a shopkeeper and ask if he has seen her. The shopkeeper says he saw her in a truck that passed some time ago. Imlie and Atharva head towards a truck. Atharva’s fan informs that he saw Devika in a truck and sends them the location. Keya and Akash laugh thinking that Devika will not be tracked down until havan ends, then Atharva will have no property rights and they will get Rudra’s entire property. Atharva stops the truck and wrecks the driver for kidnapping his mother. Imlie says we have to save Devika first. Atharva opens the back door of the truck and finds Devika lying unconscious. He runs and hugs Devika. Devika opens her eyes. Ranas continues to worry about Devika. Atharva enters. Rudra warns him not to interfere as he had warned him not to return home if he cannot trace Devika before havan ends. Imlie enters with Devika. All family members except Keya and Akash become happy to see Devika and express their love for Devika. Keya and Akash show their false concern. Rudra praises Imlie for making everything impossible possible. Imlie says credit goes to Atharva’s fans who helped them track down Devika.

Sundar, Arpita and Rupali watch news of Devika’s missing and discuss why Chini didn’t inform them about it. Rupali says Chini is busy taking Atharva from Imlie and prays God to give her a good conscience. Devika makes havan arrangements and scolds servants for not getting her ordered havan ingredients. Imlie brings ingredients and asks her not to worry about the arrangements and rest. Devika praises Imlie and asks her to wear her MIL’s gifted bracelets during havan as it has the elder’s blessings. Atharva smiles looking at them. Imlie walks up to him and asks if he wants to say something. Atharva thanks him for saving Devika. Imlie asks why he thanks her for saving her own mother. He says Naina.. Imlie says she didn’t serve Naina juice. Devika at that moment enters with a phone and asks whose phone it is as it has been ringing for a long time. Imlie picks up the phone and dials the call.

Keya panics when she sees Devika alive and breaks things in her room, blaming Imlie for the failure of her plan. Imlie knocks on the door and says that Akash had left his mobile outside. Akash takes it nervously. Imlie says there was a call for him where the caller asked for money for the job he did at the concert; as far as she remembers, goons had invaded and Devika had been kidnapped. Akash anxiously asks if she accuses him directly. Imlie warns him that although she doesn’t speak English, she knows how to punish her enemies and so Akash and Keya should be careful and not dare try to harm her family. Akash and Keya sit shocked.

Imlie then gets ready for pooja and tells Chini she will call to inquire about Rupali’s health. Chini gets nervous and says Rupali is fine now. Imlie tries to wear Devika’s gifted ancestral bracelet and finds it tight. Chini says let it be if she can’t wear it. Imlie insists. Chini forcibly makes bracelets on her wrist and injures Imlie’s wrist in the process. Atharva enters and helps Imlie wear a necklace. He notices that her hand is injured and shows concern. She says it’s a minor injury. He tends to her wound. Main song Teri Banjawooongi plays in the background. He leaves. She notices the color of her bracelet turning black and realizes that someone has replaced her gold bracelets with fake ones.

Precap: Shivani asks family ladies to put their bracelets in a milk bowl during havan. Imlie’s bracelet release color. Shivani says Imlie’s bracelets are fake and asks where are real bracelets.