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Imlie tells Atharva that she doesn’t have any problem with Naina and was just scared because… Atharva angrily warns her to stop saying he is embarrassed because of her and she shouldn’t do anything to anyone without thinking it through. Chini grins when she sees Imlie crying and thinks Imlie dared to get near Arto and should cry more. After some time, the shows begin and the presenter calls DJ Arto on stage. Arto walks on stage and plays music and dances while Naina sings a song. Rudra taps his feet and enjoys Arto’s music. Devika says that a father loves his son and the son expects his father to express this openly thanks to Imlie for helping a father and son express their love for each other. Akash tells Keya that Rudra enjoys Arto’s music. Keya asks him to just wait and watch as her henchmen must reach out to create chaos.

Keya’s henchmen walk in drunk and wreak havoc. Mob starts to panic and run around. Rudra scolds Atharva for endangering his family and tells him to focus on business instead of doing all this drama. Ginni informs that Devika is missing. Keya provokes Rudra. Family returns home without Devika and files a complaint with the police for missing. Imlie apologizes to Atharva for putting him in that situation and says she will find Devika at any cost. Atharva says he will help her. The inspector receives a call and informs that they have found a corpse that resembles Devika. They reach morque and stand senseless in front of a corpse. Arto tries to remove the sheet from the dead man’s face, but stops. Rudra walks towards the dead body with a trembling gait. The inspector reveals the face of a dead man. Rudra retreats and cannot see it. Imlie smiles, realizes it is not Devika, prays god to grant peace to the deceased soul, and informs the inspector that she is not Devika.

Rajiv asks Rudra where Devika is then. Rudra says he doesn’t know and blames Atharva for Devika missing because of his stubbornness. He tells Imlie that she told that music is Atharva’s devotion to god but his devotion put Devika’s life on the line. He warns Atharva that he will execute havan and if Devika does not return home, he will not spare Atharva. Shivani says Atharva is his son. Rudra says their relationship will end if Devika doesn’t return before havan ends. Chini asks what Arto’s mistake is when goons burst in during the concert. Rudra says she hasn’t seen his anger yet and walks away warning her not to interfere in their family matters. The whole family follows him. Aharva collapses. Imlie assures Atharva that nothing will happen to Devika. Atharva says his mother taught him from childhood to protect things, he lost his mother today. He continues to blame and hate himself. Imlie comforts him. He asks her how she managed without her mother, she is very strong, but she cannot and cannot live without his mother.

Imlie assures that his mother will be found soon. Atharva says that he or Rudra used to accompany Devika but today she is alone. Imlie says mother can do anything, a word mother is a culture that will never fade. Atharva asks if mummy will definitely be found. Imlie assures she will. Chini gets jealous seeing their bond and interrupts them. Imlie asks to accompany them to search for Devika. Rupali calls Chini and asks her to go and meet a boy now. Chini lies to Imlie that Rupali is sick, but she will accompany Imlie to find Devika. Imlie and Atharva ask her to take care of Rupali. China leaves. Imlie says she will make a hastag to find Arto’s mom on his social media account and they will all find mom. Atharva’s fans see the hashtag and start looking for Devika. Rudra watches a video of Arto’s fans searching for Devika with family. Keya and Akash provoke Rudra against Atharva. Atharva and Imlie show Devika’s photo to a shopkeeper who tells that he saw his mother in a truck.

Precap: Atharva stops the truck and punches the driver. Imlie says we should find maa first. Atharva checks the truck and stands shocked.