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Imlie insists that Rudra attend Atharva’s concert. Rudra says he won’t go but won’t limit anyone. Imlie shows card and says invitation is for whole family, Rudra is Atharva’s main family member and source of inspiration. Keya and Akash intervene and ask Imlie not to force Rudra if he doesn’t want to attend a concert saying that this house used to run the way it was before Imlie came. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue. Atharva eagerly awaits his family. Imlie enters with family. He is disappointed that he did not find Rudra. Rudra enters with Devika next. Imlie remembers Devika warning Keya that the whole family will attend the concert.

Atharva happily runs down and hugs every member of the family. Divya says she thought he would sing in a corner in a park, but it’s a very big event. Atharva moves towards Rudra emotionally. Rudra asks if his concert will start on time or not as he has some other work as well. Atharva says so and happily runs away. Imlie notices Atharva’s fan and tells Chini that she is the one who tried to kill Rudra with a bomb and fears if she will fix the bomb even during the concert. Chini says she can. Imlie decides to confirm with the girl if she was the one who repaired the bomb. Chini says no one would agree with their crime. She provokes Imlie to punish that girl for her crime and gives her a voice that spoils the juice to give it to the girl. Imlie hesitates, but goes to store juice in fan girl Naina’s tent. Chini thinks she got a chance to ruin Imlie’s image in front of Atharva.

Atharva arranges a VIP lounge for his family. Devika tells Rudra that until today they enjoyed VIP treatment because of Rudra and today they are experiencing it because of DJ Arto. Feeling emotional, Atharva thanks Imlie in her mind. China meets him. Atharva praises Imlie and says that Imlie did what no one could. Chini says that Imlie can cross all boundaries to get what she wants. Calls Naina at that moment. Atharva and Chini run towards her. Naina tells Atharva that someone spiked her juice to spoil her performance. Organizer shows camera images. Atharva is shocked to see Imlie keeping a juice bottle in Naina’s tent, but refuses to believe and asks Naina to let him question Imlie first. Naina agrees.

Chini says she already told him that Imlie can cross all boundaries. Atharva says that Chini crosses boundaries for everyone’s benefit, she is a jealous wife and doesn’t want anyone else to outperform her husband. Atharva says he will question Imlie.
Imlie thinks she should remove a juice bottle before Naina consumes it. Atharva walks up to her and asks if she has kept juice in Naina’s tent. Imlie agrees and tries to explain, but Atharva refuses to listen to her and takes his anger out on her.

Precap: Devika goes missing during concert.
The inspector informs that they have found a corpse similar to Devika and shows his face. Rudra and Atharva stand shattered.