20 Ways to Start a Conversation on Instagram with your Crush

Needing to start a conversation with your Instagram crush can be nerve wracking, and it’s not something you want to mess up because the internet never forgets . You’ve probably noticed that they like all of your posts and follow you back if you’re lucky enough, but how do you take this to the next level?

You need to start a conversation.

It doesn’t have to be boring, awkward or weird – it can actually be really fun! If done right, you could create a lasting impression. But if not, well… let’s just say good luck getting them to follow you back on Instagram ever again.

We’ve put together a list of 20 ways to start a conversation on Instagram with your crush.

Hint hint: some might be better suited for existing friends, but we’ll let you decide that!

1. Comment on their last pic – “Lovely photo” or “I really like this one!”

You’re giving them a compliment while getting the ball rolling.

2. Comment on some pics they’ve posted in the past – “I really love this picture” or “Great choice of pictures today!”

You’re reminding them why it’s awesome that you follow each other, while also showing how much you care about what they post!

3. Use a hashtag they use – if their Instagram name is #dancer so you could use #dancing or #dancerslife, you could say “Nice use of the #dancerslife hashtag!”

If they take notice at all, it will definitely get them to comment.

4. Use a hashtag which has NOTHING to do with what picture they posted – use #fitness and comment “I’ve been wanting to try yoga myself!” or “Loving your motivation – I’m going to the gym right now”

Don’t be afraid to get a little weird. It might not work, but it could definitely get them thinking and wondering what you’re up too!

5. Create your own hashtag and use it – “Hashtag goals, right?”

Who says you can’t coin a phrase? If done correctly this could be viral and get the whole world talking about you! (Not saying that’s what we’re going for here…)

6. Comment on an Instagram Live – “Totally feeling your outfit tonight” or “I love that outfit”

Social media personalities always appreciate a compliment, right? Might as well use this to your advantage.

7. Comment “love” on a whole series of their pictures – “So cute!!” or “Amazing!!!”

This is a quick and easy way to show them how much you care about what they post without overloading their feed with words.

8. Comment on their most recent Instagram story – “So excited for tonight!” or “Making me seriously jealous”

There’s no way they can ignore this one, so if they love social media, you’re halfway there!

9. Use a quote they’ve used above one of the pictures they posted – look through their old posts and see if they’ve used a quote as a caption. If so, use it!

They’re going to be amazed that you noticed something from months ago. It shows how observant you are – plus they can’t ignore you because the quote is right there on their pic!

10. Find a picture of them which is OUT OF THE ORDINARY and comment on it – “I love this photo, where was it taken?” or “This picture is stunning”

Do your research if you don’t want to come off as creepy… but make sure you use something really unique because they’ll be expecting you to say something along these lines!

11. Comment on pictures they’ve taken in the past – “I’m so inspired by your photography” or “This is my favorite picture”

You’re showing them that you really appreciate their work, which is something every artist loves to hear. Plus, it’ll make them think twice about why you’re not following their Instagram story if they post one!

12. Comment on a picture which is relevant to your life – “I’m going through this exact same situation right now” or “This reminds me of my day today!”

You’re showing them you connect with what they post, so why not start the conversation off with something like this?

13. Ask for advice! If they posted something related to fitness, ask for tips on how the get their legs so toned or if they can recommend a workout. If it’s travel-related, ask them where their favorite places were.. you get the gist.

14. Comment on something you’re both involved in – like school, work, college etcetera

It doesn’t have to be something huge – just something which you both have a connection with. They’ll love showing you off to their friends!

15. Comment on an older picture – “I still think this is my favorite!” or “This is so nostalgic”

Reminding them how much they’ve grown and changed, and that they’re constantly improving and changing, is bound to make them smile. Plus, it shows you know their history and that you care!

16. Comment on a ‘Throwback Thursday’ post and tell them how much they’ve changed (in a good way) – “Totally checking out your old posts today!” or “Checking this one out”

Similar to #15, but this time you’re focusing on their appearance. No matter how old the picture is, chances are they’ll be flattered that you remember it!

17. Like ALL of their pictures

This one speaks for itself – there’s no way they’ll ignore someone who goes to this extreme effort for them!

18. Like random pictures from their feed – “Loved this” or “This is my fave!”

You’ll be showing them you’re not only interested in the pictures where they look amazing, but also that you appreciate all their work. It’s a clever way to make them wonder why it has taken you so long to show any interest!

19. Follow them on other social media

If they have a Twitter or Facebook, follow them there as well… and make sure you read their bio! This is a good time to find out if their interests match up with yours. Plus, if they see that you’ve followed them everywhere, it’ll make them feel special!

20. Be Pals! If you’re not too sure about how to approach them yet, why not be friends first? Comment on their posts, ask for advice… anything which lets them know you care.

Conclusion: You can use any of these tips, or come up with your own ways to engage them! The more you talk to them the sooner they’ll be thinking about how cute it is when you send hearts… and after that? It’s just a matter of time before they have a crush on YOU too!!

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