20 Ways for Men to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Men, it’s time you learned the art of making your girlfriend happy. Whether she is a new or old girlfriend, there are ways to make her smile and feel loved. A few simple things can go a long way in making any woman happy! Here are 20 tips that will help you become more aware of what makes your girl tick.

1. Remember That Women Are Like Snowflakes

Women want to feel unique, and this is one of the reasons they try so hard with their makeup and clothing. They love for you to notice these differences in how they look, and if you can provide a compliment about something that makes them stand out from everyone else in your eyes then they will love you even more.

2. Be Supportive

When women are out with their friends, they have a tendency to be rather competitive – whether they admit it or not. Instead of being jealous that she’s spending time with her friends, try to understand that this is how she stays happy and fulfilled in life. If you support the time she spends with her friends, she will appreciate you all the more.

3. Watch Her Favorite Tv Show With Her Even If You Hate It

Apparently, women like to bond over television shows that often involve dramatic relationships and people doing stupid things like driving drunk or kidnapping rival mobsters’ children . Accept that these shows are what make your girlfriend happy, and learn to love them.

4. Don’t Drink Too Much Around Her

Alcohol can make men do things they normally wouldn’t want to do, including hitting on women they have no chance with. If you are at a party or bar where alcohol is being served, try not to drink too much because it could end up causing your girlfriend to be upset with you.

5. Accept That She Will Get Jealous Sometimes

Some women don’t mind sharing their man and will not feel jealous if he does things like flirt with attractive females or go out drinking with his friends – but other women want to feel as though they are the only woman in your life. If your girlfriend seems jealous, accept that this is no big deal and just reassure her that nothing happened.

6. Let Her Know That She’s Beautiful

Letting your girlfriend know that she is beautiful will get you major points with her, and can even get you out of trouble if she gets upset about something foolish you did. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, just complimenting her can help to calm some of those feelings of insecurity that women tend to get from time to time.

7. Take Her To New Places

Most people like the feeling of visiting a new place and checking things off their “list” – and if you can surprise your girlfriend with a romantic evening at an exotic location, then she will love you for it.

8. Give Her A Massage When She’s Tired

When women are tired or stressed it can be difficult to try and relax – especially when they are dealing with their male counterparts flailing limbs while trying to give them a massage . If you can give your girlfriend a massage while simultaneously pampering her, then she will be very happy that you did.

9. If You’re Going Out, Let HER Pick Where You’ll Go

Instead of automatically choosing to go where you want, let your girlfriend make the choice sometimes – and see how it makes her feel like a woman when she gets to choose what you do together as a couple.

10. Let Her Have Some “Me” Time To Relax And Recharge

Just like you need some time to yourself, your girlfriend also needs time away from you in order to rejuvenate . If you can offer her the space she needs without feeling too lonely, then this will make her love you all the more for caring about her feelings.

11. Give Her Gifts Without Reason, Or Even Because You Feel Like It

Women love to receive gifts from their partners, but you shouldn’t wait until a special occasion to shower her with presents. If you surprise her with a gift because you simply wanted to do something nice for her, then she will really appreciate the efforts that you’ve made.

12. Surprise Her Once In A While With Plans For The Evening

If you are able to take charge sometimes, then do so – but don’t be too controlling. Sometimes surprising your girlfriend by having something fun planned for the night will make her love you all the more for being spontaneous .

13. Take Her To Places Where She Can Be Herself

If your girlfriend is a bit of an oddball and loves to watch reality television while eating microwavable dinners , then let her be herself. Don’t try and change her or demand that she spends more time with you than she does by herself – because one day she might just leave you for someone who doesn’t expect her to be someone she’s not.

14. Be Sensitive Around Her Favorite Tunes

Many women like to listen to songs that remind them of certain times in their lives, and you should try to remember this when listening around your girlfriend . If she seems to light up when a song comes on the radio , then pay attention and see if you can guess what it is – because women love this.

15. Ask Her If She Wants To Go Out On A Date With You For A Change

Most guys tend to make all of the plans on dates , but sometimes taking a backseat will make your girlfriend feel more special . Let her plan the evening, or give her some ideas of where she might like to go – and you’ll be amazed at how much this will mean to her.

16. Ask Her What She Thinks About Your Relationship

Sometimes men tend to think they know what women want, but if you really care about your girlfriend then it’s important that you ask her too . Maybe you’ve gotten everything right so far, but by asking her what she thinks about your relationship you might be able to avoid future problems.

17. Try Not To Get Jealous If She Talks To Other Guys

Most men like the idea of being with a woman who doesn’t get chatted up all the time, but it’s important that you don’t get jealous whenever your girlfriend talks to a guy . After all, it’s only natural for her to have friends of the opposite sex, and if she knows that you trust her then this will make her love you more.

18. Spend Quality Time With Her Even When You’re Busy On The Computer

Some girlfriends get angry when their boyfriends spend a lot of time online, but good girlfriends understand that you need to take care of your hobbies. So if you show your girlfriend that the relationship is more important than Call Of Duty , then this will make her love you all the more.

19. Be Honest About What You Want From The Relationship

If your girlfriend ever asks you if you want things to stay the same, then tell her how you feel . If you don’t know what changes she might like to make, then just let her know that you want to keep the relationship going as smoothly as it has so far.

20. Feed Her And Make Sure She’s Not Starving

You don’t have to be a master chef in order to look after your girlfriend – all you need is some spaghetti hoops! If she comes home late and she’s hungry , then take charge and make sure that you feed her . Just remember – when it comes to girlfriends, most men don’t know what they’re doing!

Conclusion : So there you have it – 20 simple ways for men to make their girlfriends happy. All of these ideas are designed to be easy, and by implementing a few of them every day then your relationship should go from strength to strength. However if you’re not sure how to make things even better, then why not ask your girlfriend what she thinks about making some changes? Remember, women love it when their boyfriends try and understand them better.

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