20 Tips to be the Best Husband: Maximize Your Chances for a Happy Marriage

20 Tips to be the Best Husband: Maximize Your Chances for a Happy Marriage

I am a husband and I know that it’s not easy to be a good husband. When you are single, you think that after marrying the girl of your dreams, everything will go smoothly. You will have kids and spend your life in heaven. However, this is not true at all.

Life after marriage is very difficult, especially when you are newly married and you have no idea what to do. Here I am sharing some very important tips for all those people who want to be good husbands.

Tips to be the Best Husband

1. Be her friend first

Women need friends, so be one to your gal before you become lovers. By being her friend, you help develop the love and trust that’s necessary for a marriage to last. When women feel safe with someone, they can express their feelings more easily than when they are around acquaintances or strangers.

2. Listen to her

It’s very tempting for a man to try and solve his wife’s problems, even if she is just venting about something. But women don’t want their husbands to fix things—at least not all the time anyway. Men have a tendency to jump in with an answer, but it’s often more helpful for them simply to listen.

3. Be kind to her parents

The woman you love is going to become part of another family when she gets married, so it’s important to get off on the right foot with her parents. Even if you think her mom or dad are certifiable, keep your opinions to yourself and always be courteous in their presence.

4. Be a gentleman

Don’t swear, avoid getting drunk and never talk about your wife’s weight (even if she is on the heavy side). She wants to be treated like a lady.

5. Have date nights

It’s easy for husbands and wives to get caught up in the rush of daily life and forget to make time for each other. Set aside one night a week for your wife to get dressed up and go out with you—even if it’s just for a walk around the block or a quick bite to eat at a local cafe.

6. Surprise her

Even something small, like bringing home flowers from time to time, can make your sweetheart feel special.

7. Write her love letters

A quick note or email can easily be deleted, so don’t rely solely on technology to keep the passion alive in your marriage. Try writing her a formal letter every now and then to declare your feelings for her without saying too much—just like men did before email was invented!

8. Take her out on double dates

Plans with your buddies don’t always have to revolve around bars and sports. Invite your wife along for some quality time with the guys. Women love it when men include them in activities that are typically reserved for boys, like camping trips or poker night at a buddy’s house.

9. Have children

Yes, having kids puts more pressure on your relationship, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. You don’t need to be best friends with her, but make an effort to spend time together as a couple.

10. Do some housework

It might sound trivial, but women appreciate it when their husbands pitch in around the house to help with things like laundry, grocery shopping and making dinner.

11. Go for a walk

In-depth conversations are best when they aren’t rushed. Take your wife on a long stroll through the park or forest and ask her to tell you about her day.

12. Surprise her at work

If she has a job, go ahead and show up unannounced. You’ll make her day and you can bring lunch or flowers for all of her co-workers as a thank you.

13. Smile!

There’s nothing sexier than a man who is happy—and smiling makes women feel good too. Turn that frown upside down every now and then to make the woman you love smile from ear to ear.

14. Ask for her advice

Whether it’s about what kind of car you should buy, which movies are worth seeing or even where to go on vacation this year, take your wife’s opinion into consideration when making big decisions. It’ll show her how much you value and respect her opinions.

15. Make dinner together

Chances are you won’t be able to cook like a professional chef, but there’s nothing wrong with giving it your best shot. Cooking together can be fun and romantic—as long as you don’t set the kitchen on fire.

16. Be honest with her

Don’t lie or keep secrets from your wife. Trust is the foundation of any relationship, so if you want to be with someone for the long term, always tell her the truth.

17. Have pet names for each other

Call her baby, sweetheart or even tiger when you’re in private to let her know that she’s special. If she has pet names for you, return the favor.

18. Listen to her

Whether she just wants someone to vent to or actually needs help making a decision, be there for your wife and lend an ear whenever she needs one.

19. Communicate!

Some men think it’s not masculine to tell their wives when they’re upset about something—which is why the problem just gets pushed aside. Make an effort to open up and share your feelings without getting angry or shutting down—it’ll strengthen your relationship in the long run.

20. Give her foot massages

Women’s feet are often neglected, so give them the attention they deserve once in a while by giving your wife a massage of all things. Not only is it a nice gesture, but women love having their feet rubbed!


Being a good husband is about more than bringing home the bacon and telling your wife she’s beautiful—it’s about showing her that you care. Even if it’s not perfect, a little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to making your wife feel loved.

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