hello readers..here is the next episode.

Rishabh wakes up and sees himself on bed in normal state and gets shocked..

Rishabh in mind:how..how did i come here? I..i saw a ghost in washroom and then..then i fainted..then how come..

Kartik enters the room from balcony and..

Kartik:rishabh.. what happened? You slept for so long and now sitting as if you saw a ghost.. don’t you want to come out of bed?

Rishabh:kartik..i..i really saw a ghost..

Kartik gets shocked..


Rishabh:yes..i saw a ghost in washroom. Even a blood was coming in water tap and then i fainted there being scared at midnight. I don’t know how i came to bed after that..

Kartik stares him and suddenly he starts to laugh..

Kartik: can’t you do a good joke? Like a kid you are telling dreams as reality..

Rishabh:no..iam really serious. This is not a  joke..

Karan Kabir vansh and mahir enters the room..

Vansh:what joke are you both talking about?

Kartik tells the happenings while everyone laughs..

Karan:arrey Rishabh bhai..i joked that this bungalow will be haunted to make fun while coming but you really took it serious huh?

Rishabh:karan..iam really telling the truth. I swear on myself..

Kabir Pats rishabh and..

Kabir:rishabh..i asked you not to watch ghost movies more. See now what happened..you started hallucinating and dreaming ghosts..

Rishabh gets sad..

Rishabh:i know no one will believe me..but iam telling truth.

Mahir: rishabh..then I’ll sleep with you today. Let me see whether the ghost comes again or not. If it comes then I’ll kill the ghost as i have experience in fighting with many ghosts in dream.. ok?

Rishabh:i know you are making fun of me..

Kartik:wait..did you see your own face in mirror and got scared?

Everyone laughs while Rishabh gets angry and gets up from bed..

Rishabh: enough..i know no one believes me. One day you will understand the truth..now iam going to get ready.

Rishabh goes inside the washroom while others gossip..

Vansh:i don’t know what happened to rishabh suddenly..

Kabir: he is addicted in horror movies. As we came to a big castle like in ghost movies..he started dreaming i guess.

Karan:leave it..he will become alright once we concentrate on our picnic work. Now come lets go and get ready too..

Everyone leaves except kartik..

Everyone goes to their rooms while karan was searching something on corridor and suddenly he hits preeta who was coming that way and she was about to fall but he holds her and they both meet with an eyelock..

Karan gets mesmerized..

A few seconds later preeta pushes him and shouts..

Preeta: why are you staring me as if you saw a alien?

Karan:ohh hello..miss preeta Don’t misunderstand my eye. I watched you as you looked good for first time..

Preeta:what? How dare you tell like that as if you look handsome every time. Even you look uglier as usual..

Karan:are you deaf? I dint tell you ugly at all..

Preeta:you dint tell it but your words meant it mr.ugly duckling karan.

Karan gets irritated and he pinches preeta’s nose tightly..


Karan leaves and her nose turns red and he laughs..

Karan: you was looking really beautiful today so i dint get words to compliment your real look..now i can tell that you are looking like a white chipanzee with red strawberry nose like iam ugly duckling..

Karan laughs while preeta gets angry and stamps his feet while karan shouts..

Karan: ouuchhh..preeetaaaa…

Preeta leaves and smirks..

Preeta:if you dare to make fun of me..then this is the result. So be aware of me..

She turns to go while karan holds his leg in pain..

Karan:i don’t know whether you are a girl or some other species. You don’t have heart at all..

Preeta:i thank god for that. Only heartless person can handle a stupid guy like you.

She goes laughing while karan goes walking weirdly due to leg pain..

Mahir enters bela and preeta’s room and..

Mahir:bela..preeta..where are you both?

Suddenly preeta comes from the door..

Preeta:iam here mahir. I went to drink water..why are you calling us?

Mahir: actually.. i was boring so i came here..

Preeta: ohh..

Mahir:by the way where is bela?

Preeta:she went to take bath..

Suddenly bela screams from inside the washroom..


Preeta and mahir gets shocked and they run near the washroom door..

Preeta:bela.. what happened? Are you fine..


Bela: someone helpppp meee…

Preeta:can we get in? Are you not taking bath?

Bela:noo.. please get in and hellpppp mee pleaseee…

Preeta and mahir opens the door and gets shocked seeing bela struggling to get up from bath tub..

Preeta: arrey.. what are you doing in bath tub?

Bela:first help me to get up na..

Mahir runs and extends his hand and bela holds his hand to get up but he too slips and falls on bath tub and both meets with an eyelock..

Bela:what Guy you are?? Instead of helping me..you too fell here like a hero the zero.

Mahir:excue me..i came to help only but i slipped.

Preeta laughs at them..

Preeta: ok..stop your talks and get up holding each other..

Mahir:why.. won’t you come and help us?

Preeta:i don’t want to join your slipping group and make myself wet..that’s why.

Preeta giggles while mahir and bela stands up..

Bela:ok you go both go out…

Mahir:why me?

Bela gets shocked while preeta stares him..

Preeta:mahir.. what are you blabbering?

Mahir realises the situation and..

Mahir:woh..i thought she is angry for not helping her and that’s why she is chasing me out..

Preeta:arrey idiot..she has to bath that’s why.,

Bela:yes..preeta is right. Just get out now..

Mahir:fine..fine i will go..

Preeta and mahir goes out and later after bela gets ready bela meets mahir privately..

Mahir:wow..you came privately..that means you are in romantic mood..

Bela:shut up..i came to warn you.

Mahir:warn me? I guess you are the only girlfriend who warns her boyfriend..

Bela:shut up your drama. You was blabbering before preeta. Why did you tell like that?

Mahir:woh..i forgot preeta and thought to romance under shower for sometime and that’s why i asked like that. Iam sorry..

Bela:mr.mahir..the government has to give you an award for best romantic person in this country which will be best suitable for you.

Mahir:hey.. don’t insult my love. I romance you as i love you.. but i guess you don’t love me thats why..

Bela closes his mouth with her hand and they meet with an eyelock..

Bela realises the situation and..

Bela: how dare you tell against my love? I love you and i will love you till eternal. But here there are our friends so we should maintain distance to avoid making them doubt us that’s why iam behaving like that understood..till we tell them about us even you should maintain this…and thats what i came to tell you..ok?

Mahir moves her hands and..

Mahir:ok..but give me one last kiss and go..

Bela smiles and kisses him..

Then she goes while mahir blushes and then someone’s shadow passes from there..

Later at evening kartik and karan are seen Playing volley ball..

Karan:volley ball is interesting game..


Naira watches this from her window and smiles..

Naira in Mind:wow.. volleyball..if they call me it will be nice..

Karan:ok..kartik..you continue..iam tired..

Kartik:but no one is coming as they are busy in phones..iam boring..

Karan:if i can I’ll join you in some minutes.


Karan gives the ball to kartik and goes while kartik stands tapping the ball..

Naira comes there and..

Naira:excuse me..can i play with you?

Kartik gets suprised seeing her..


Naira:yes..i like volley ball so much. I used to play with Ridhima and with..(naira Don’t tel about sirat as she asked not to reveal her to any guests..) only Ridhima. But she is busy now so iam boring..

Kartik smiles..

Kartik:ok..I’ll play with you. But with condition..

Naira: what condition?

Kartik: If i win then you should become my friend and if..

Naira:If i win you should play with me everyday till you go..

Kartik: condition accepted..

Naira: condition accepted for me too..

They both smile and starts Playing with each other..

Some time later naira wins the game and she jumps in joy..

Naira:yeyyyyy..i won…you lost…

Kartik smiles seeing her happy..

Kartik in mind:iam seeing her smile for first time..iam feeling very happy seeing her happy. I wil surely Play with her everyday atleast for her happiness..i hope her problems gets fine.

Suddenly naira keeps her leg near swimming pool and she slips due to watery and falls on swimming pool..

Naira:ohh what a bad fate!!

Kartik starts laughing seeing her..

Kartik: that’s why..you should not get too happy if you win..see even god dint like it.

Naira gets angry and she make a plan and she acts to drown..

Naira:i..i am..am sc..scared of..of wat..water.. please..sa..save meee..

She acts to drown and kartik gets shocked seeing her drowning..

Kartik:ohh no..i should save her somehow.

Kartik runs immediately and jumps into swimming pool and he holds her closer and tightly thus saving her..

Kartik:iam sorry..i will save you now so don’t worry..

Suddenly naira pushes him and splashes water on him and laughs..

Naira:haha.. what do you think of me mister? It was my acting to make you also wet and get into swimming pool as you were laughing and making fun of me..

Kartik stares her while naira splashes him with water and plays..

Naira:yippee..i wonnn..

Kartik smiles seeing her happy..

Kartik in mind:today she looks so happy and she is very beautiful with her smile..bhagwanji keep her happy like this always.

Suddenly naira notices his state and remembers that he is strager and stops smiling and stares him..

Naira:excuse me mister.. don’t try to take advantage if iam being happy with you or if i smile. So don’t stare me like this..go and do your works. I will play with you tomorrow..

Naira turns to go but kartik stops her and..

Kartik:can we become friends?

He extends his hands while naira stares him and pushes his hands away..

Naira:i would have become your friend if you won but you lost..so i won’t. But i will become your friend after you play some days with me as i need time to know about you..

Naira goes and kartik smiles..

Kartik in mind:thank you so so much krishnaji for getting her close to me..i will make her impress with me somehow in this upcoming days for sure.so that she will directly can accept me as her boyfriend..

Kabir is alone in his room and suddenly ahaana enetrs the room and closes the door and Kabir gets suprised seeing her..


Ahaana comes and gets romantic with Kabir..

Ahaana:Kabir Darling.. nowadays you forgot me..

Kabir smiles and pulls her closer and caresses her face..

Kabir:how will i forget my love darling? I can forget myself but not you..

Ahaana smiles and hugs him tightly while Kabir too reciprocates happily..

Suddenly Ahaana’s eye and face slowly turns into scary..

The windows starts shuttering heavily and the lights go off in the room shocking Kabir..

Kabir:arrey.. what happened to this electricity suddenly and why is this window shuttering like this?

Suddenly Ahaana’s hold becomes tighter and she speaks in scary voice..

Ahaana:hahaha..when iam here then how come lights blows? I kill persons only in dark..

Kabir gets shocked hearing her voice and she pushes away immediately and gets shocked and scared seeing  lady covering her face with hairs..

Kabir:wh..who..who ar..are yo..you??

Suddenly the ghost lady sits in a corner and weeps in a scary tone shocking Kabir..

Kabir:exc..excuse me..i..i as..asked..wh..who ar..are you??

Suddenly the ghost turns to him with a scary face and shouts..

Ghost: you darn idiot..iam in this condition because of you..i won’t leave you kabirrrr…

Kabir gets scared seeing her and screams..

Kabir:aaaaahhhhhhh…pleeeaaaseeee..someeeoooneee..saveeee mee..

The ghost lady lifts Kabir in air and twists his head with her eye..

Ghost lady: kaabir..you willl fatally die on my hands..i won’t kill you now as i need to give you a very painful and severe death. You will die slowly by yourself..wait and watch..

The ghost lady leaves him and he falls on the floor and she disappears and the room gets normal too..

Kabir gets shocked and he fearfully runs out of the room and he hits vansh on the way..

Vansh:Kabir..why are you running like this? What happened..

Kabir in mind: if i tell the truth..no one will believe me. First i have to talk with Rishabh..

Kabir:i..i need to ta..talk wi.. with rish..rishabh..

Vansh:why is your voice shaking like this? Are you okay?

Kabir pretends to be fine and..

Kabir:yes..iam fine.

Kabir goes from there while vansh gets doubtful..

Vansh in mind:why am i feeling that he looks scared and he hiding something?

Vansh goes from there thinking about it and suddenly he hits Ridhima and she was about to fall but he holds her and they meet with an eyelock..

Few seconds later they realise the situation and they steady themselves..

Ridhima:iam sorry sir..

Vansh:no problem..

They go away with silence..

precap:- Rishabh sees naira and gets shocked. Sirat and Ranveer’s emotional moment. Kabir sees something. Naira shares her sorrows to kartik..