50+ happy birthday to you God bless you wish blessings

Birthdays only happen once a year. That day is usually most important and memorable days in the life of the celebrant and those close to him, including you.

Therefore, it is important that you can send some wishes and messages of goodwill, even with the world always busy around your neck.

Here are more than 50 years of happy birthday to you may God bless you messages to the dearest to your heart.

Playing happy birthday to you God bless you wishes, messages and blessings

Following are touching birthday messages for you, blessings and God bless you which you can use to celebrate the birthday of yourself, loved ones, friends and family. These Happy Birthday To You, God Bless You Collections can be used to celebrate someone special on their birthday.

1. On a beautiful day like this a few years ago, a new being was brought to life. And every day since then has been a wonderful day when you blossom into something great. Happy Birthday my friend. May you continue to bloom brightly.

two. wishing you happiness It wouldn’t make any difference because you’re the happiest person I know, so I pray that your ever-smiling face never frowns and the light in your eyes never dims. Happy birthday friend.

3. An anniversary only happens once a year, it’s a day when we celebrate being brought into the world. Today and always know that you are a blessing to everyone, especially to me. Happy birthday, sun.

4. Kind would be an understatement for what you’ve really been to me and most people who know you. You inspire us to be so much more than we thought possible. Happy Birthday, dear. I thank you
were born.

5. The truth about fairy tales is that no two people have the same understanding. Well, for me, having a friend like you in my life totally describes a fairy tale. Happy birthday. God bless you.

6. What would a perfect day be other than celebrating a great friend whose life was an inspiration?
for me? Happy Birthday my friend. Have a perfect day.

7. I was dreaming about the perfect gift to give you and then I realized that you already have the perfect
gift yourself. Happy Birthday, dear. You really are a gift.

8. What would my life have been like if you hadn’t entered it some time ago? Trust me, I don’t want to know, because just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. Happy Birthday my friend. God

9. Dinner without wine is what I would be without you because you add flavor to my life and make it so much sweeter than I could ever imagine. Happy birthday, sugar.

10. You, my dear, have shown me the true meaning of friendship far beyond what I thought
possible. Happy birthday honey, you are my friend forever.

11. He who has no friends is the poorest alive. Having a friend like you makes my life richer than this
I could never be without you. Happy Birthday my friend. God bless you for gifting me with your friendship.

12. Even the craziest things make sense when you’re around you. With you my whole world takes shape.
Happy birthday, sun. God bless you for always being there.

13. My flaws are invisible with you and my personality seems perfect, because with you there is no right or wrong.
wrong. Happy Birthday, dear. You’re a wonderful person.

14. Our childhood memories are where I find solace in times of pain and discomfort, because then we
were not kept at bay by distance. Happy Birthday my love. You are always in my heart.

15. There’s a way your face lights up when you see me that lets me know we’ll be friends
forever. Happy birthday friend. You mean a lot to me.

16. The smile that lingers on my lips long after a hangout is over is the one that only comes from long term
understanding of how great my life has been with you as my friend. Happy birthday, mon ami. You are amazing
my world.

17. The thoughts I have of you are happy, not sad, good and not bad, on your day I pray that your light will shine
always bright, and his effort is fruitful, not futile. Happy birthday. God bless you.

18. They say you’re like the company you keep, so my productivity keeps increasing because
you are a productive person. Happy birthday dear, more victories.

19. If a person’s quality of life is truly a reflection of the kind of friends they have, then my life must
be rich having a highly resourceful friend like you. Happy birthday friend. Keep growing.

20. Anniversaries are anniversaries and a celebration of how much has happened and how much more.
happen in a person’s life. Happy Birthday, dear. May you be truly celebrated always.

21. More grace, more life, more money, more joy, more victories, more love, these and more are my desires
for you today and always. Happy birthday dear, enjoy your day.

22. Sometimes your dreams reflect your thinking. Today and whenever my good thoughts and dreams
for you to come to reality. Happy birthday.

23. May the goodness of the Lord rest upon you, may his favor always be evident in your life today
especially and always. Happy birthday. Enjoy it much.

24. As you celebrate your birthday today, may your innermost desire pass and may your day be
full of smiles. Happy birthday.

25. The joy of the Lord will be your strength, his blessing will enfold you, and his everlasting love
will envelop you. Happy birthday, enjoy your day.

26. Calm as still water, calm as a dove, happy as a peacock, comfortable as a pig. then must
your life continually be? Happy birthday.

27. The Lord will order your steps all the days of your life, he will supply your need according to your
riches in glory. Happy birthday, stay blessed.

28. Grace in abundance, love in excess, blessings overflowing, and riches not sufficient, these and more
are my wishes for you today. Happy birthday.

29. Today is a day when you are condemned to 24 hours of smiles and laughter, tears and frowns.
highly prohibited. Happy birthday, more joy.

30. Where many fail you will succeed, where many are in need you will have abundance, your face
shine in your life by illuminating your day to day. Happy birthday.

31. Let heaven and earth join me as I celebrate this jewel, my most precious friend.
than fine stones. I’m happy to meet you. Happy birthday.

32. I don’t believe in serendipity, but it must have been a force of nature that brought you to me. That is
why I thank God for blessing me with you. Happy birthday and may God bless you as he blessed me.

33. Today gave me a chance to sit back and imagine what my life would have been like if I never got to
I know who you are. I’m grateful for your presence in my life and I don’t take it for granted. Happy birthday.

34. You’re better than any present found under the North Pole’s Christmas tree and get five
happy one year old child all year. You are a gift from the Father in heaven. Happy birthday.

35. Most gems are underground, invisible or dead. I’m grateful to God I found one alive and on
the earth’s surface. Happy birthday, you are more precious to me than gold.

36. There is a friend who clings more than a relative. Glad to say I have that friend in you.
Thanks for coming into my life. Happy birthday.

37. I love you more than words can describe. However, I have enough words to tell you that I value you so much
a lot and i will choose you over any gemstone or money everyday. Happy birthday friend.

38. You live and learn, they say. For me, however, the story is a little different. if i have you as mine
friend, I learn much more than life could ever teach me. You are a gem. Happy birthday.

39. One of the most important days in my life is the day you came into my life. From that day on, life
started to make sense and come together. I’m grateful for the opportunity. happy birthday and God

40. You rescued me from a life of meanness and mediocrity, and I am forever grateful to you.
you for it. God bless you very well, my friend. Happy birthday.

41. People have crossed oceans, walked through the desert and traveled to the moon to find small
shards of gemstones and precious materials, and I’ve been graced with just bumping into you in one piece for
free. I thank God for that and pray that he will continue to bless you. Happy birthday friend.

42. I live a life of joy, peace, and love simply because of your presence in it. You have no idea how much
you mean to me and how much i’m willing to do to not lose you. I’m glad I met you.
Happy Birthday my friend.

43. You showed me how my life is worth more than silver, gold and anything else men live
and die for. Because of you, I live a valuable life and I am grateful for it. God bless you my friend.

44. The wisdom, knowledge and insights from the lessons in your life are enough to make anyone’s life
worth. Thank God I get them for free. God bless you.

45. If I had to pay for everything you’ve done in my life, I’d be in debt to my entire generation of
grandchildren would still not be able to pay. Thanks for letting me take them for free. Happy birthday.

46. ​​Living without you as a friend is torture. It is darkness, empty and full of anguish. I’m grateful to you
for preventing this from happening to me. Happy Birthday my friend.

47. It is easier to find warmth in Antarctica than it is to find a human being, speak more of a friend who is so
valuable as you are on this earth. God bless you for being around.

48. In all my life, I’ve never seen anything or anyone like you. You are the definition of
complete human being. Happy birthday friend.

49. On this day of your deliverance on this earth, I can think of how meticulously you were designed and
created, and sends my mind into a frenzy. I thank God for being such a wonderful designer and I appreciate
you for sharing your project with me. Happy birthday.

50. I’m the luckiest person in the world to have you as a friend, period. History end. Happy birthday,

As you have seen, in this post are the most powerful short messages you can send to your loved ones to say you remember them on their birthday. Of course, this doesn’t replace gifts and your physical presence, but at least it’s a good way to start.
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