Happy birthday letter to mother of daughter or son

Happy birthday letter to mother of daughter or son “From the beginning, your heart has been nothing short of a rich source of love, an enthusiasm that wells up from within and fills my life with a fragrance of hope. For me, it’s a priceless gift to see my hero cape another year. That adorn your life with so much courage to multiply and replicate even more of your goodness. Happy birthday to you, mom.”

1. To dear mother

When every person is busy calculating their survival, you choose to live every day for us. What mom. How I wish you an abundance of joyful mother and more returns. Happy birthday.

2. What else will I ask for?

What more can I ask for than the brightest of a confident smile on your face that neither time nor age can overcome! A wordless assurance of courage and latent energy that just pushes you just a little bit above the impossible. Happy birthday and sweet returns mother.

3. Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday mom. I want to say that your role in my life will forever remain invisible and undefined because you mean more than one thing to me. To be honest, every occasion, fierce or humble, presents you with a new opportunity to represent true greatness that neither malls nor beautiful catalogs can provide a perfect description of.

4. My Choir of Love

As I blush along wishing you a wonderful birthday. I want you to know one thing. That there are times when my world has had to hit rock bottom, rests its weight on my shoulder and all friends and foes silently gather to cast their lot against me, because no one dares not choose a side. So, mother in the face of hopelessness, I witnessed you positioning yourself right beside me and, despite the delicate ice under my feet, reach out your hand and urge me on. My heart sympathizes with you every time I notice that this grace radiates from the depths of your loving heart.

5. ‘How strange life can be…’

I just sigh for a puzzle sensation that always seems to tell the whole story – that I hasten to bury right in my heart, where it all begins and ends. You are an indispensable friend as far as my heart is concerned. I’m afraid to tell you, how many times you’ve been my saving grace whenever life and its problems dragged and threw me. My passion when I lost my inspiration and motivation. I can’t claim to know about LOVE, but whatever it is, I think I witnessed it and saw it in your eyes, words and hugs whenever I ended up on your shoulder when it was all over. Thank you MOM, my Queen. Happy birthday.

6. A birthday letter to my queen

On your birthday, my queen. I earnestly desire and pray that God will build and surround your heart with walls, forged from your innocent faith and unfailing strength in the belief and promise to strengthen and enlighten your being whenever worries and perplexities intrude.

7. My infinite love for you

I will always love you, not because you are there whenever I need you, but yours is the beautiful soul whose presence repeatedly proves present and unfailing.

8. Your love is priceless

The pain and courage with which you endured so much. I can never understand and can’t even feel it. But one thing I do know, you always have and will always do this for my gain. Seeing you on such a happy birthday makes me pray that God gives you back a thousand times over.

9. I can’t thank you enough

Whenever I sit down to reflect on the virtue with which you conveyed and forged the man I am today, my heart yearns for a sweeter occasion to thank you and here on your birthday there is nothing else. Congratulations on your happy and decisive moment mother.

10. thank you for believing in me

Every time you fell on the opposite side of my arrogance. I realize now that you still believe there is a better man in me. Celebrating another year with you, Mom goes beyond the pride and trust I have in you for my blessing, but an eternal guarantee of order and direction in my life.

11. There is no sweeter feeling than feeling fulfilled in any goal in life. Then, at the height of it all, you look around and realize that your mother was that source of your inspiration and zeal that manifests itself in the serenity of your excellency. I owe it to you, mother. Congratulations on your birthday and the most beautiful heart.

12. Ultimately, even though the world sees me in the spotlight, your love is the fire that set me on the challenge of becoming and changing my position in life. I’m sorry I owe you the credit mom. Happy birthday.

13. Dear Mom,
Even when I’m broken, it still feels good every time you come, scream and extend your gentle hand, knowing that even if it were true I’m a pile of beaten pieces, in your heart I’ll never stop being a precious and most valuable a treasure . I love you so much on your birthday.

14. I know some broken things stay broken, but I’ve learned to get through the bad times and keep looking so hopefully for better, just like I’ve never witnessed you give up on me despite my flaws. On your birthday, I wish you the happiest moments.

15. If the superb kindness and love that your joyful heart represents were replicated, the world would be so beautiful and a better place in a second. Happy birthday my cheerleader.

16. Seeing you beaming like this on your birthday, I imagine there couldn’t be a more magical time for everyone, where we all gather and invade your quiet, warm space just to get some of that joyful, colorful hospitality that you paint our world with. , making it a daring atmosphere for everyone. Happy Birthday my queen.

17. When life gets really ugly for sure, challenging and frustrating. There’s no better place to look than your welcoming face and there’s no better place to retire, stop a moment and refocus than your warm heart

18. Dear Mom,
Somehow, the future still remains unpredictable. Time so finite and fleeting. But there is no better time when I feel like a complete being than whenever you arrive and add another year to your circle.

19. I feel instant comfort when I think of you. Like all ‘so great’ and ‘trivial’ anxieties simply varnished, rendered impotent. I think and believe it’s probably the overdose of your love that I’ve always drawn my strength from. I thank God for giving you another beautiful year. Happy birthday mom.

20. It floods my heart with super joy every time I wake up with the precious thought that it’s another birthday for my Queen. Today is no different and I can’t miss a second of it. Happy Birthday, Mommy.

21. Happy birthday, mom. Truly if I live long enough to speak of your pleasant personality and legend of kindness. My favorite part will always be as much as it is now, as you’ve always seen the past and past my flaws and seen my need.

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22. I personally find in your love and care a musical soul that always seeks to quench the chaos in me, I cannot thank you enough. But here’s just to let you know that everything you are and everything you never fail to do never goes unnoticed in my heart. Happy Birthday, Mommy.

23. Seeing how far we’ve come, I feel so proud of you and that nothing else one day I can look someone straight in the eye and say. “I lived life and I went through the saying and the saying and your love was everything I hoped for”, those eyes I would rather have been yours, mother. Happy birthday mom.

24. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be responsible for the inexperienced, clumsy, and naive. I’ve witnessed you in anger, but never for the first time have I seen and witnessed you break down in anger and give up on me. You always turn on the light of your smiling joy and shine even brighter. And that gave me more than one reason to fall so deeply in love with his rare and enduring passion for my life. Just wishing you the happiest return ahead, Mom. Happy birthday.

25. On your birthday, Mother, I wish you nothing less than the warmth of the same sunshine and joy with which you reach out and touch hearts. Happy birthday.

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