17 month happy birthday wishes for boy or girl

Celebrating a baby five months again after the big 1st birthday celebration that just ended can sometimes seem strange, but believe me, it’s one of the best ways to stay in touch and in tune with your baby.

Birthday messages that can be conveyed to little ones who cannot speak or understand may not be easy to compose. There are mind-blowing words that can grab a baby’s attention, and when these words are used, your birthday wishes for a 17 month old baby can be passed on.

Looking for these words? Well you have them all here. Birthday messages for newborn can be very simple, but their effect lasts a long time.

Read these happy 17 month birthday wishes for boy or girl and make them celebrate your baby’s or loved ones’ 17th birthday.

17 month birthday prayers and wishes for baby

These are my prayers for you, dear 17 month old boy: You will always be the head and never the tail. You will never be without help. Happy birthday.

1. I don’t have the words to say how much I feel today, dear boy. In this 17th month of existence, I wish you all the best as you continue to grow and develop fully. Happy birthday.

2. 17 months of kindness and love. Thank you for being a part of my life, my son. I wish you abundant life in the environment of comfort and love. Happy birthday.

3. I’ve known boundless joy since you exploded in the last 17 months. On this beautiful day that I celebrate your 17th birthday, I wish you a splendid life and a life of great success. Applause, my boy.

4. Congratulations on marking this unique 17 month anniversary. I don’t take that for granted. Happy birthday to you, boy. Everything will work out fine for you.

5. A beautiful boy with a beautiful heart. Happy birthday to you as you celebrate this famous 17 month birthday. I pray that as you grow you will find love and joy in your life.

17 month birthday wishes and quotes for girl

There are so many quotes piled up for a baby’s birthday, but the best of wishes belong to you today, dear girl. Happy birthday to you in this 17th month you spent here.

6. Dear girl, your beautiful face speaks more about our pure soul. I wish you a very beautiful life and joy every moment. Happy 17 month birthday to you.

7. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful. Happy 17 month birthday to you. I wish you many more years and a favorable sky above your head wherever you go.

8. Wow, my little girl is 17 months old. That’s a whopping 5 additional months on top of 1 full year. Happy birthday to you princess. My best wishes to you.

9. I wish you perfection in everything you do and great results in each of your small efforts. Happy 17 month birthday to you.

10. Your 17th birthday today reminds me of how good God has been to me. You are a jewel and I adore you so much, my beautiful girl. I wish you overflowing prosperity in your life.

17 month birthday wishes for daughter

Dear daughter, you have brought so much laughter and joy in these 17 months. Today I wish you a happy birthday. I love you.

11. My dear daughter, you are 17 months old today and I thank God for your life. As you continue to grow and develop, I wish you all the best and great achievements. Happy birthday.

12. Many may not know how beautiful you are, but I do. Happy 17 month birthday to you. My best wishes to you in all your endeavors in life.

13. Daughter, today you are exactly 17 months old. Happy birthday. The sky above your head will always refresh you and you will never be stuck.

14. How great is your God that he has done such wonderful things for me. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. Yes, this 17 month anniversary is announcing your discovery to the world. Congratulations.

15. Happy birthday to you, beautiful 17 month old daughter. Long live and prosper with good health and a warm spirit. Keep on standing out.

17 months birthday wishes for son

My son, you had 17 months to live. That’s approximately one year and 5 months. Happy birthday. I wish you more life with good health and peace.

16. The Excellency of God’s power is upon you as you celebrate this birthday. Happy birthday to you my dear 17 month old son.

17. Happy birthday to you, dear son. I know the heavens will open for your good and help will find you when you need it. Happy birthday.

18. My little baby, daily I watch your legs stutter trying to find balance on the floor. I wish you perfection in everything you do. Congratulations, dear son at 17 months.

19. My beloved child, you have begun the journey of passing through this land. May you bring light and joy to humanity. Happy 17 month birthday.

20. At 17 months, you started with several of your first steps to make an impact of giants in this world. I wish you a fulfilling life and making a positive influence wherever you go. Cheers.

Bond with your baby. Cling to your girl. No matter the month, these happy 17 month birthday wishes for boy or girl here will help you celebrate your baby’s or loved ones’ 17th birthday.

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