Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Sai apologising to Virat for her mistake and cries asking him to forgive her. She says that his family didn’t even allowed her to see him, while he ask her to leave. He states that he doesn’t need her fake concern, while she tries to convince him. Pakhi speaks for Virat, while he glares her asking to stay quiet. He says that he can talk for himself and doesn’t need anyone’s help. He ask Pakhi to stay out of his matter and gets furious at her.

Whereas, Sai tries to calm him down. She offers him water, but he pushes her away and the glass breaks down. He reminds Sai about how she didn’t trusted him and have putted huge allegations on him. She gets emotional remembering their moments and insists him to give her one chances.

Here, Sai tells that she just wants to look after Virat. He reminds her about the time when he came to see her inside the hostel and says that he also just wanted to take care of herself as she was sick. She remembers how she didn’t let Virat even touch her and feels guilty. He says that she doesn’t have any rights on him and speaks about their divorce. She makes her realise that they are already divorced.

Virat tells how Sai forced him to end their relationship and ask that on what basis Sai wants to be with? He says that she have already buried their relationship, while she ask him to start their relationship once again. She says that they both loves eachother and insists to give their relationship one more chance, but Virat denies.

Elsewhere, Virat taunts Sai and ask her to enjoy her dream life of being a doctor. She remembers the flashback how she ended her relationship with Virat and blamed him. Virat also tells that he had gone to meet Sadanand because he wants to clarify that there isn’t anything in between Shruti and him. He feels disgusted thinking about all the allegations and makes Sai leave from the cabin.

Bhavani appreciates Virat for sending Sai out of his life. She says that he deserves better then Sai. She gets happy, while they shows their concern for Virat, but he turns and tries hard to press the bell to call the nurse. Samrat gets worried for him and ask not to stress himself. He tries to help Virat, but latter denies to take any help from them. Virat ask the nurse to send her family out of the room, while Pakhi and Bhavani unwillingly goes out from there.

Ahead, Bhavani taunts Sai and says that first time Virat have taken the right decision in Sai’s matter. She shows her happiness while latter says that soon she will get Virat’s trust back. Sai gives a befitting reply to Bhavani, while Ashwini and Ninad insists to meet Virat. Samrat tells that he doesn’t want to see them now and convinces the family to take Virat some rest.

Sai shares her problem with Pulkit and tells how Virat isn’t ready to give her a chance. She cries telling about her pain and regrets doubting him. Pulkit tries to convince her and says that he understands Devyani’s value only after leaving away from her.

Further, Pulkit ask Sai not to worry and declares that soon Virat will see how Sai have saved his life and will surely forgive her. She cries remembering her moments with Virat, while Pulkit ask her to be strong. He ask her to give sometime to Virat, as he have went through a lot and had a major surgery. He also boosts Sai’s confidence and ask her to take care of herself, “Tum bhi Kho Gaye” song plays.

Precap:- Chavans meets Virat and Bhavani shows her happiness regarding his decision of not accepting Sai back. She appreciates him, while he denies to call them his family. He reminds about how they treated him. He taunts Samrat and says that he forgot the time when he tried to kill him. His voice breaks remembering their deeds and tells Ninad about how he cursed him. Ninad tries to explain but Virat declares that he can’t forgive them.

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