Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th January 2022 Written Update

Virat Asks Sai Where She Is Going, But She Refuses To Answer. Virat Asks Her To Answer Directly If She Is Leaving Town. Sai Says She Wants To Leave Town But She Cannot Do That Because Of Her Studies, But She Will Stay Away From Him. Virat Asks Who Gave Her The Idea To Leave The House. Sai Says This Is Her Idea. Virat Asks If They Can Talk Calmly Without Taunting. Sai Says The Truth Appears To Be Taunting.

Virat Says She Should Not Leave The House To Punish Him For A Mistake That He Has Not Committed. Sai Says Trust Does Not Mean That You Do Not See What Is Happening Right In Front Of You. Virat Says Real Trust Is Tested When Everything Is Against A Person And Still You Trust Them. Sai Says She Will Trust Him If He Tells Her What Is His And Shruti’s Relationship. Virat Thinks He Cannot Put Her Life In Danger And Stays Silent. Sai Tells Him To Stay Away From Her.

Sai Packs Her Bags. Virat Says Their Friendship And Memories Are All Round In This Room. Sai Says Everything Did Not Finish Suddenly, But Virat Broke It Gradually With His Lies. Virat Tells Her To Think Calmly To She Will Regret It. Sai Says She Will Regret If She Does Not Go. Virat Says He Cannot Stay In This Room Alone Anymore. Sai Says He Has Found Someone To Stay With Him.

Everyone Has Tea. Bhawani Asks About Virat. Sonali Asks Pakhi Must Know. Karishma Laughs At Her. Samrat Tells That They Were Awake Till Late Night But He Had Not Come Back. Ninad Says He Never Listened To Them. Karishma Says Who Knows When He Will Return. Bhawani Tells Her To Shut Up. Samrat Says The Fault Is Not Only Shruti’s But Virat Is Equally Responsible. Sonali Says Virat Is Answering Their Questions. Bhawani Says They Must Put An End To This. Bhawani And Ninad Say They Must Talk To Sai. Ashwini Says Sai Had A Migraine So He Let Her Sleep.

Sai Says She Cannot Ignore What Is Right In Front Of Her Eyes. Virat Says She Is Misunderstanding Him. Sai Says She Is No-One To Him. Virat Feels Disappointed. Sai Says There Was A Woman In His Life Before Her And Now One More Woman Is In His Life, So Her Going Would Not Matter. Sai Hurts Her Finger. Virat Helps Her. Sai Pulls Her Hand And Says This Pain Is Nothing Infant Of The Pain He Is Giving Her. Virat Begs Her To Listen To Him, But She Refuses.

Virat Asks Why Sai Is Ending Their Relationship. Sai Says Her Father Could Not Judge Him Correctly As He Thought Of Him As A Brave Policeman. Virat Asks What She Means. Sai Says Virat Is A Coward And He Does Not Want To Take Responsibility For His Actions.

Virat Says No-One Is Trusting Him And All Are Ashamed Of Him So He Will Leave The House Not Her. Virat Says Many In This House Love Her And She Also Loves Them. Virat Asks If He Had Died In The Mission, Would She Still Leave This House. He Says He Will Not Interfere In Her Life And Nothing Will Change In Her Life. Sai Says She Does Not Want Any Favours From Him And He Cannot Convince Her With His Sweet Talk. Virat Remembers His Promise To Sai’s Dying Father. Virat Says He Knows She Is Capable Of Taking Her Decisions And He Accepts Her Decision.

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