Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th January 2022 Written Update

Everyone Is Shocked To Hear Of Divorce. Pakhi Asks Why They Are Shocked As Divorce Is The Only Way Out If Virat Goes To Another Woman. Pakhi Says Sai Anyway Freed Virat From Their Relationship. Sai Break Down And Says Her Life Has No Meaning Now. Samrat Tell Sai That She Has Topped Her College And She Has Complete Her And Her Father’s Dream. Ashwini Tells Sai That She Must Stay In This House With Them. Sai Gets A Bad Attack Of Migraine.

Shruti Says She Wants To Help Him As He Helped Her, But There Is Nothing She Can Do. Virat Says He Is Also Worried But He Is Confident That He Can Take Care Of Her And Sahas. Shruti Says He Also Need To Focus On His Family And Life. Virat Says He Will Arrange A Place For Her To Stay. Shruti Says Sadanand Also Liked Making Lists. Virat Says Sadanand Was Very Organised And He Learnt Making Lists From Him. Virat Tells Her That Sadanand Was As Close As Family For Him In College. Shruti Tells Him That He Must Share This With His Wife.

Virat Shares That There Are A Lot Of Problems In His House. He Says He Can Tolerate Their Bitter Words But He Cannot Put Them In Danger. He Says He Cannot Let His Problems Affect Sai’s Career And Life. He Tells That He Will Tell Them Everything When Shruti Is Able To Live Freely. Shruti Asks What His Wife’s Name Is.Virat Is About To Tell Sai’s Name, But Doctor Calls Him. Shruti Asks Virat If He Loves His Wife. Virat Remembers Their Moments And Says He Loves Her Very Much.

Pulkit Gives Medicine To Sai And They Put Her To Bed. Samrat Tells Sai To Never Lock Her Door. They Tell Her To Take Rest And Go From There. Sai Regrets That She Never Shared Her Feelings With Virat. Shruti Asks Virat If Sai Loves Him. Virat Says He Does Not Know. Shruti Says What Kind Of Marriage Is This. She Says She Sounded Very Possessive About Him On Phone And She Must Love Him Very Much. Virat Says He Keeps His Professional And Personal Matter Separate And He Hoped His Wife Will Trust Him But She Did Not And Increased His Problems Instead. He Congratulates Her On The Birth Of Sahas. Shruti Says He Must Smile As Sahas Is His Son On Papers. Virat Says Sadanand Gave Him Sahas’s Responsibility So He Is His Godfather.

Samrat, Mohit And Pulkit Worry About Sai. Samrat Asks Mohit Why He Never Questioned Virat In The Hotel Only. Mohit Says He Was Too Shocked To Ask Anything. Samrat Calls Virat But Virat Is Talking To Doctor. Doctor Says They Need To Operate On Shruti Again. Samrat Is Shocked That Virat Disconnected His Call. Samrat Says He Will Go To The Hotel. Mohit Says They Have Already Checked Out.

Sai Gets Up And Decides To Leave The House. She Is Packing Her Bags, When Virat Comes There. Virat Asks Her Where She Is Going. Sai Says He Does Not Tell Her Where He Goes, So She Is Also Not Bound To Answer His Questions. Virat Says She Promised To Wait For The Right Time. Virat Assures Her That He Has Not Broken Her Trust.

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