Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th January 2022 Written Update

Virat Says He Will Not Say Anything Against Shruti. Sai Asks Ninad Not Say Anything Bad About Shruti, As Virat Has Given Her The Status Of His Wife. Karishma Says Sai Never Thought Of Herself As Virat’s Wife And Now That She Has Started Thinking Of Herself As His Wife, Virat Got A New Wife. Ashwini And Mohit Tell Karishma To Shut Up. Sonali Says They Can Shut Karishma Up, But Not Neighbours. Bhawani Says Virat Has Spoiled The Name Of Their Family.

Samrat Asks If Virat Wants To Change His Statement. Virat Says Truth Does Not Change. Sai Says She Is More Disappointed By Him Being Totally Unashamed. Virat Thinks Sai Is Jumping To Conclusions. He Thinks He Cannot Put Their Lives In Danger, So He Cannot Tell Them Anything. Pakhi Says It Might Be That Virat Knew Shruti From Before And He Hid It From Them. Virat Tells It Is Not His Responsibility To Change Their Opinion About Him. Sai Asks What His Responsibility Is. Virat Says Shruti Is In A Bad Situation And He Can Not Reveal Her Identity To Anyone.

Sai Says Virat Has Been Lying So Much, That He Has Started Believing His Own Lies. Virat Tells Her Not To Question Him Anymore. Virat Holds Her And Says She Knows Him. Sai Starts Laughing And Says He Has No Right To Touch Her. She Says His Emotional Tricks Will Not Work On Her Anymore. Devi Starts Crying So Pulkit Calm Her.

Sai Says She Cannot Stay With Him In This House Anymore. Sonali Tells Karishma That They Will Have Enough Drama For A Few Days. Sai Says The Family Can Bring Shruti Home And Give Her Rights Of Virat’s Wife. She Tells Virat That He Is Free From Her Responsibilty Now. Bhawani Says Virat Is Wrong But Another Mistake Will Not Correct It. She Says No Marriage Has Broken In This Family And They Will Find A Way. Sai Says She Cannot Even Think Of Staying Near Virat And Goes. Virat Holds Her Hand And Asks Her Not To Make Any Hasty Decision. Sai Says She Is No More His Wife And Friend And He Cannot Stop Her.

Ashwini Says She Tried To Make Their Relationship Beautiful, But It Turned Ugly. Ninad Asks Sai Not To Leave And He Will Ensure Virat Does Not Meet Shruti. Sai Says They Cannot Force Virat To Do Anything He Does Not Want. Sai Says He Will Meet Shruti Whenever And Wherever He Wants Without Their Knowledge. Virat Tells Sai To Shut Up. Samrat Tells Virat Not To Raise His Voice.

Virat Gets A Call From The Hospital That The Baby’s Condition Is Getting Worse. Virat Starts To Go But Ashwini Stops Him. Bhawani And Ninad Also Stop Him But He Leaves. Sonali Tells Bhawani That It Could Be Shruti’s Phone. Ashwini Breaks Down And Says Who This Woman Is To Come In Her Son’s Life. Bhawani Consoles Her And Says They Will Find A Solution To This Problem Together. Karishma Says They Must Meet Virat’s New Wife. Mansi Tells Her To Shut Up.

The Nurse Asks Virat To Take Care Of His Child And Wife, As The Baby Is Not Able To Feed. Shruti Imagines Sadanand In Place Of Virat. She Rebukes Virat Not To Touch Sadanand’s Baby Who He Killed Himself.

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