Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Mohit Tells Everyone That He Saw Virat With A Woman In The Hotel Coming From The Room Section. Everyone Is Shocked. Bhawani Asks If Mohit Is Telling The Truth. Virat Says Yes. Ninad Asks If That Woman Was Shruti. Virat Says Yes. Sai Is Shocked. Karishma Says She Said The Same But Bhawani Scolded Her. Mansi Asks Virat He Must Have Gone For Some Work So He Must Tell What His Work Was.

Samrat Asks Virat To Tell Who Shruti Is And Where His Husband Is. Virat Says Her Husband Is Dead Now And Cannot Support Her Now. Mohit Says He Saw SINDOOR In Shruti’s Head And Asks Why He Checked In As Mr. And Mrs. Virat Chavan. Virat Remains Silent. Bhawani And Ninad Rebuke Him For Doing Such A Thing. Virat Says If He Was Doing Something Wrong Then He Would Have Checked In With A Different Name. Omkar Says He Must Have Done This As They Need To Give Id Proof In Hotels. Ninad Says He Has Made Them Ashamed.

Devi Gets Agitated And Says Mrs. Virat Chavan Can Only Be Sai And All This Must Be False. Virat Says This Is True. Ashwini Tries To Console Sai But She Remains Silent. Pakhi Says Sai Never Became Mrs. Virat And She Had Warned Her That Someone Else Will Become So. Virat Tells Pakhi To Stop It. Bhawani Says Pakhi Is Right And He Has Let Them All Down.

Ashwini Says She Did Not Give Him Such Values And Urges Sai To Say Something. Pulkit And Samrat Say They Only Know Half Truth So Far And They Should Allow Him To Tell Them The Whole Story. Samrat Urges Virat To Tell Everything But Virat Says He Has Told What He Can At The Moment.

Sai Claps And Says He Lived A Secret Life With A Secret Marriage And Still He Can Show Attitude To His Family. She Asks How He Is Feeling After Embarrassing His Parents And Family. She Tells Samrat Not To Give Any More Chance To Virat To Explain. Sai Questions Virat Why He Kept Her In Dark And Made Her Feel Like He Wanted Her To Move In To His Room.

Virat Says He Has Not Cheated On Her. He Says He Told Her To Have Some Patience And She Agreed But She Is Again Doubting Him Now. He Says He Has Done Nothing To Hurt Her Self-Respect Or Their Relationship.

Ninad And Ashwini Ask Virat What He Is Hiding. Virat Remembers His Promise To Sadanand And Keeps Quiet. Pakhi Asks Virat To Share What He Is Feeling. Virat Tells Her To Stay Away And Says Only Sai Has Right To Ask Him Questions As She Is His Wife. Sai Asks If She Is His Wife Then Why He Wrote Shruti Virat Chavan. Virat Remains Quiet.

Ninad And Sonali Abuse Shruti For Trapping A Married Man. Virat Warns Ninad Not To Say Anything Against Shruti. Sonali Says That Woman Has Taken Control Of His Mind. Virat Says He Will Not Hear A Single Word Against Shruti. Sai Remembers How He Used To Defend Her And Now He Is Fighting For Shruti. She Thinks Virat Only Does What He Thinks Is Right For Himself. Sai Asks If He Will Go Against Them All For Shruti. Virat Says He Will And Is Already Doing So.

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