Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd April 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Virat blaming Ashwini for intoxicating him, while she denies his allegations and ask him to believe her. At that time Sai comes there and confesses her doing. She notify that how she spiked Virat’s food and given it to Ashwini to feed him, while everyone gets shocked. Virat glares at her and scolds her, whereas Pakhi also rebukes Sai and tries to defame her in front of everyone. Sai takes a stand for herself and gives a befitting reply to Pakhi. She ask her to stay away from her and Virat’s matter, as it is in between them. She proclaims herself to be Virat’s wife and reminds Pakhi that how she tried to spike her drink in order to embaress her in front of everyone. She ask Pakhi to remember her doings before taunting anyone else.

Here, Sai tells everyone about the reason for adding Bhaang to Virat’s food. She says that she wants him to relax and enjoy Holi with his family. She reminds how they enjoyed the party, while Mohit agrees to her. He says that the celebration party was the best. Whereas, Samrat also takes stand for Sai and agrees to her decision. Whereas, Pakhi gets furious at him and ask to stop praising Sai all the time.

Virat gets frustrated with them and orders them to stay away from him and his life. Whereas, Samrat reminds that Sai have clarified all the allegations on Virat and ask him to forgive them. He advice Virat to move on and give a chance to his family, but Virat denies. He reminds them about doing his last rituals and says that he is dead for them, while everyone gets shocked and ask Virat not to say such things.

Elsewhere, Virat confronts Samrat and tells how he kept a condition while returning back to Chavan Niwas, that they won’t interrupt his personal life. He declares that they are making him frustrated and warns them not to stop him from taking his next move. He goes inside his room furiously, while Chavans blames Sai for the situation.

Pakhi taunts Sai and accuses her for Virat’s decision. She ask Sai to leave Virat alone and declares that she wanted to frame Ashwini by making her feed the spiked sweets to Virat. Bhavani and Sonali also taunts Sai and says that she is ruining their peace. Where, Sai warns Pakhi to stay away from her and Virat’s life.

Ahead, Sia tells Pakhi that she can’t be able to get successful in her evil ploy. She declares that no one can separate her from Virat, as she is his wife and their is a lot of power in their relationship. She goes inside Virat’s room to stop him, while latter talks to DIG sir and ask for transfer from Pune. DIG sir gets shocked and tries to make him understand. He says that he should give a chance to his family and insists not to take decision in hurry.

Virat requests DIG sir and tells about his situation. Whereas, Ashwini and Sai gets shocked hearing his decision and tries to stop him. DIG sir agrees to Virat and keeps a condition, asking him to show his physically fit certificate before getting transferred. Virat agrees to it and then ends the call. Ashwini tries to stop him, but he ask them to stay away from his decision.

Further, Virat tells to Sai that he haven’t considered her as his wife and declares that he will never return back. She challenges him that she will celebrate the next Holi also with him and says that their bond is inseparable. He goes away from there, while Chavans gets shocked learning about his decision. He warns them to stay away from him and then feels pain on the side of his surgery but avoids it and goes back to his room, while Ashwini feels worried about him. She also blames Sai for everything.

Precap:- Bhavani ask Karishma to bring Sai’s stuffs so that she can leave the house. She taunts Sai stating that she always just warns to go away from the house. Whereas, Pakhi also mocks Sai and tells that she always creates problems for them and then threats to leave the house when get scolded. Sai confronts Pakhi and says that latter always tries to send her away from Chavan Niwas. She proclaims that she is not the same old naive Sai anymore. She declares that she won’t ever leave the house and try her best to stay there.

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