Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 28th February 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Chavans coming out of Virat’s cabin, while Sai follows them. She requests them to let her see Virat and begs Bhavani to give her permission. She says that she wants to see the reports of Virat, while Bhavani rebukes her and ask to stay away from him. Bhavani gives a stern warning to Sai and gets furious at her, while latter keeps requesting her to meet Virat. She insists Mohit to help her, but he goes away ignoring her. She then moves towards Ashwini and Ninad, but they also avoids her and goes away being hurt seeing the condition of Virat.

Here, Sonali scolds Sai while Omkar taunts her that if she thinks that only she can operate Virat? He states that there are several doctors who can treat Virat and ask her to stay away. Bhavani tells that because of Sai, Virat is fighting for his life and declares that she won’t ever allow her to meet him.

Pakhi blames Sai for causing trouble in their house and says that because of Sai everyone was against Virat. She accuses Sai for instigating everyone against Virat and ask her not to go near him. Bhavani declares that she is going to home along with others as everyone can’t stay with Virat in the hospital and orders Pakhi to make sure that Sai will not go near Virat.

Elsewhere, Pakhi assures Bhavani and glares at Sai. Whereas, the latter goes towards Samrat and begs him to help her. He moves away stating that he have blindly trusted her and now because of her, he is scared to loose Virat. He blames her for Virat’s condition and says that he can’t trust her anymore. He moves away from her side, while she keeps requesting him.

Devyani sees Sai and tells how Virat must have felt when no one trusted him. She accuses Sai for leaving Virat and not trusting him. She also says that Sai is not a good friend as the true friends always trusts each other. She says that because of Sai everyone was against him and states that she will also not let Sai know about Virat’s condition.

Ahead, Sai moves towards Shivani asking for help but latter also declines. She says that she have already hurted Virat and can’t do it anymore. She states that she can’t help Sai anymore. Meanwhile, latter gets broken and cries to see Virat. Whereas, Chavans goes away except for Pakhi and Samrat.

Samrat sits beside Virat and apologises for his mistake. He insists him to wake up, while Pakhi also comes there and sits besides Virat when Samrat goes away. She expresses her love for Virat and says that now no one will come in between them. She states that he is already divorced and she won’t let anyone separate them again. Whereas, Sai meets Samrat and keeps insisting him to let her meet Virat.

Further, Samrat denies Sai’s request and goes away. Pulkit comes there while Sai shares her problem with him. He says that the family is hurt and it’s their right to stop Sai from meeting Virat..he assures her that he will keep giving her information about Virat and ask her to stay away from him. He also notify her that Virat’s condition is critical and states that a nail is stuck in Virat’s heart which is very complicated to remove, whereas Sai gets shocked and heartbroken.

Precap:- Pulkit questions the doctor about Virat’s condition, while he ask for the injection which is necessary for Virat’s operation. Everyone gets worried learning about the injection, while the doctor declares that if they didn’t get the injection in 2 hours then they can’t be able to save Virat.

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