Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st February 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Sai running towards Virat, while he sees the landmines and gets shocked. He shouts her name and stops her telling about the mines. She gets tensed looking around her and ask him to tell her where the landmines are so that she can avoid it and goes towards Virat. He ask her not to move, while Sadanand shouts at them and gets furious at Virat. He orders Sai to keep moving if she wants to save Virat and proclaims that he want Virat to feel the same pain which he felt due to him.

Here, Sadanand says that how Virat had broken his trust and doesn’t even brought Shruti and his baby. He says that Virat have stolen his family from him and declares that he will do the same with him. He states that he will kill Sai in front of Virat’s eyes.

He points the gun at Virat stating that he will kill him if Sai doesn’t start walking through the landmines. She gets scared and ask Sadanand to stop. Meanwhile, at that time Shruti along with her baby comes there. Sadanand gets soft seeing his baby and was about to go towards him, when Shruti warns him to stop.

Elsewhere, Sadanand’s men’s ask him to order so that they can bring Shruti and baby towards him. They were about to proceed towards her, when she threatens them that of they will come near her then she will jump on the landmines along with the baby. Sadanand gets shocked and stops his mens.

Shruti rebukes Sadanand and reminds that why she married him. She says that he have changed completely as the one whom she married was used to fight for the right. She states that Sadanand is speculating the one who saved her and their baby’s life. She keeps scolding Sadanand for his anger.

Ahead, Sadanand gets broken by Shruti’s words and says that he didn’t expected the betrayal from them. Virat tries to explain him about the truth, but he denies to believe him. He points gun at himself and decides to suicide stating that he don’t have nay other reason to live. Virat ask him to drop the gun and insists Shruti to keep Sadanand busy with her words.

Shruti keeps talking to Sadanand to divert his mind. Whereas, he again ask Sai to start walking orelse he will kill Virat. He shoots at the landmine near her, while Virat and Shruti gets dumbstruck. Meanwhile, Sai gets injured in her leg and falls down. Virat gets worried about her and determines to save her.

Further, DIG sir along with his team comes there and fights with Sadanand’s mens. They captures all the goons, while Virat notify that Sai is standing near the landmines. Sadanand somehow overtake DIG sir and warns to kill him. He orders Sai to walk and shots towards Virat’s direction, while Sai screams his name.

Precap:- Virat determines to save Sai and climbs on the trees to go towards her. He gets successful in bringing Sai up, while she apologises to him for her mistake. At that time the branch gets broken and Virat falls down on the landmine, while everyone gets shocked.

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