Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2022 Written Update

Pulkit Comforts Sai. He tells Sai that he refused to operate on Shruti. Sai says that she couldn’t stay there after knowing everything. She says that she was living a life of lies and that she was rudely woken up. Pulkit says that he feels angry and frustrated. Sai says that they are shocked because it was sudden for them, but that it had been going on for a year and a half. Pulkit asks if Shruti knows about her or if Virat lied to her as well. Sai says that she is fed up with this topic. Pulkit says that she can’t help it because she affects her directly.

Sai says that she just wants to move forward in life. Pulkit says that he should divorce Virat. She tells him that Shruti needs a doctor right now and that she must not retract her oath to treat all patients equally. She asks him to do the operation. Pulkit says that he is not a robot that can ignore her emotions.

Shruti asks Virat if Sai is his wife. Shruti says that he kept Sai in the dark and that she must be thinking badly of her. Virat asks what happened. Shruti tells him that Sai asked him questions about her pregnancy and is worried about what Sai must be thinking. She asks Virat to follow her own path since Sahas is now in the world. She asks Virat to tell the truth to Sai or she can talk to her. Virat tells him not to do anything. Virat says that it is too late to speak because Sai has left him and the house.

Sai convinces Pulkit to do the surgery. Pulkit says it is normal practice for doctors to turn over their cases to other doctors. She tells him that Shruti is not to blame for Virat’s betrayal. Sai says that Shruti might be afraid of the Chavan family. Pulkit says that he will tell everyone about Virat’s other marriage, he is about to call Samrat, but Sai stops him saying that Ashwini and Ninad will be heartbroken after knowing this. She says that she cannot see them in pain so she must leave Virat alone to handle her affairs.

Pulkit says that he cannot support Virat in her lie by operating on Shruti. Sai says that she just wants to fulfill her duty as a doctor and she can feel Shruti’s pain as a human being. Pulkit says that she has a big heart.

Shruti tells Virat that she can’t be as selfish as her to accept Virat’s help after all this. Virat says that she is not responsible for her problems, as there was always some mistrust between them and this misunderstanding was the last straw. He says that if Sai had trusted him, she would have waited for him to tell the truth. Virat says that he will always stay by Sai’s side, whatever happens. Shruti says that he has done more than enough for her and that she will always be grateful for it. Virat says that he did not do all of this as a favor, but to fulfill the promise she made to her dying friend. Shruti asks him to tell Sai the truth. Virat tells her not to get involved in her relationship and that he would have told Sai everything if possible.

Virat says that there is a lack of trust in her relationship as Sai believes that he is capable of cheating on her, but one day she will realize her mistake. Shruti says that then it will be too late. Virat says it late. Virat tells her to only focus on her operation. Shruti wishes to die in surgery, as he cannot live with this guilt. Virat tells her not to think like that because she is not responsible for what happened. He says that Sai is a capable and independent girl who can take care of herself.

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