Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhavani getting furious at Sai and drags her away holding her wrist. Sai ask Bhavani to stop stating that her bangles are breaking, which are the sign of a married women. Bhavani leaves her hand while Sai proclaims that they can’t forcefully break her and Virat’s relationship. Bhavani scolds her while Sai insists to perform the ritual of Holika Dahan along with them. Bhavani somehow agrees to it while Virat pays no heed to the drama. Sai goes towards him and stands beside him. Whereas, Sonali ask Karishma to bring the jaggery and all the necessary items for the Puja. They starts the function and moves round around the fireplace.

Here, Sai determines to get Virat’s forgiven and prays to god to remove all the differences in between them. Whereas, Virat looks emotionless. At that time Karishma silently keeps the red colour plate on the entrance of the door, which is used to welcome newly bride. Whereas, Virat insists to go inside after completing the Puja, while Ashwini permits him.

Sai was about to follow Virat, when Bhavani stops her. She gets hell bent to send Sai away, but latter keeps arguing with Bhavani. At that time Pulkit takes a stand for Sai and tries to convince his mother-in-law, but latter denies and says that she haven’t even accepted him after his marriage with Devyani and states that she won’t even accept Sai back.

Elsewhere, Devyani stops Pulkit from supporting Sai, while latter confronts her asking if she also doesn’t trust her? Omkar interferes in between and warns Sai to leave from there house. He threatens her, while she pays no attention to his threat. Ninad ask him to stop while latter says that he is just trying to scare Sai.

Sai laughs hearing Omkar’s conversation and declares that she won’t go anywhere leaving her husband. Sonali reminds Sai about her allegations on Virat and states that she doesn’t deserve to be with him. Sai says that if they can get the forgiveness, then she also can get it. She stands against them and denies to go back.

Ahead, Omkar calls the police complaining about Sai while she stands their waiting for the police team to arrive. Omkar gets confused seeing her not getting worried and decides to teach her a lesson. At that time the police arrives and inspector gets elated to see Sai. He ask her about Virat while Chavans gets shocked seeing her connection with the police.

Sai ask the police to notify her in-laws about the punishment which they will get of they tries to harass her. The inspector tells about the crimes they will be charged for, if Sai will complain against them. Omkar gets scared and Karishma tells Sonali that if it continues then they will end up in jail. Sonali gets tensed, while Sai shows her gratitude towards the inspector and gives her prasad before leaving.

Further, Sonali becomes relieved when the police goes away. Chavans again taunts Sai while she ignores them and takes her luggage to go inside the house. Her legs gets inside the plate and she leaves the footprints on the doorstep as she walks inside. Mansi tells it to be a signal from God, while Bhavani scolds the person who have putted the plate on the entrance. Karishma accepts her mistake and seek apology. Whereas, Sai gather her courage and determines to get Virat’s forgiveness.

Precap:- Virat gets shocked seeing Sai inside his room, while she jokes with him. He warns that he will leave the room if she will stay there, while she ask him to relax. He hurts himself as he tries to go away, while she scolds him and declares that she won’t ever leave him. He ask her to stop the drama and declares that she won’t ever get successful in becoming his wife.

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