Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th February 2022 Written Update

While Leaving In The Morning Ashwini Ask Sai To To Not Go Amd Stay With Them. Sai Says She Can’t. She Says That She Have To Go For Her Well Being. She Says She Want To Forget Everything About Virat Amd Shruti And Want To Focus Only On Her Career. She Says Is Very That Everyone Loves Her So Much. She Says After Whatever Virat Has Done To Her She Is Broken. She Says Now She Can’t Even Able To Make Some On Her Friend And To Trust Anyone.

Then Man Of Sada In The Jungle Tells Him That Shruti Is Living With The Man Who Shoot At Him. They Says That They Saw Her. Sada Says He Can’t Trust This Because Shruti Loves Him More Than Anything Else. He Says That He Don’t Believe In These Newspapers And Media. People Around Him Tells Him That They Sent Some People And Verified This News That Shruti Is Living With Vrat. Also Virat Left His Wife, Family And Everything For Her And Also Give His Name To His And Shruti’s Son. Sada Says That He Won’t Believe This News Until He Saw Them From His Own Eyes.

On The Other Hand, Sai Goes To College And Their Her Batchmates Tells Her That They Saw The News About Her Husband In Newspapers And Everywhere. They Says That She Must Be Feeling Bad After All This. Sai Says That She Is Here For Studies And If They Want To Talk To Her Related To Studies Then They Can Because She Can’t Waste Her Time In Discussing Newspaper. They Stop Her And Says That They Just Want To Know Is She Okay? Sai Says To Stop Showing Sympathy To Her. She Says She Is Fine And Knows That Her Married Life Is Not Good And She Don’t Care About That.

She Says In The Final Year Also She Will Win The Gold Medal That’s Her Aim. Pulkit Listens Her And Says That He Is Proud Of Her. Later, Sada Goes To Find The House Where Shruti An Virat Are Living. He Goes There As A Delivery Boy. Shruti Says To Herself That She Can’t Stop Herself From Falling In Love For Virat. She Tells Virat That She Should Shift To Bombay As She Knows A NGO There Which Works For Women. Virat Says That He Can’t Let Her And Her Son’s Life In Danger.

She Cries And Says That He Has Done So Much For Her. She Says She Respects Him So Much Even Though He Insults Her Sometimes. She Hugs Him. Meanwhile, Sada Comes And Sees Them. He Gets Angry And Ask Shruti How Could She Do This To Him? Virat Says That He Is So Happy To See Him Alive. He Says After Seeing Him, He Get Rid Of The Feeling That He Killed His Friend. Virat Says That He Got A Chance To Start An Affair With His Wife. He Ask Shruti In His Absence Did She Started Feeling For Virat?

Virat Says There’s Nothing Like That. Virat Explains Him Everything. He Says That He Promised Him That He Will Take Care Of Shruti That’s Why He Did All This. He Says That Shruti Is Pregnant And He Need To Do All This. He Says That Shruti Has Suffered So Much After He Was Gone And Today She Just Brokedown And He Was Condoling Her. Shruti Also Says The Same. Sada Says They She Is Not Saying This By Seeing In His Eyes. Sada Ask Shruti To Come With Him. Shruti Denied To Go, She Says She Can’t Risk The Life Of Her Son In That Jungle And Ask Sada To Surrender. Sada Says He Knew Something Was Wrong. He Points The Gun Towards Virat.

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