Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th January 2022 Written Update

Sai Takes Off The Ring That Ashwini Gave Her But Hesitates. Ashwini Tells Her To Go Ahead And End Their Relationship Too. Sai Says She Cannot Afford To Lose One More Mother In This Life. Sai Looks At Virat And Thinks That Real Virat Never Returned From The Mission, But Someone Else Came In His Place. She Tells Virat That When Dreams And Hopes Shatter, Person Is Sad, But When A Person’s Self Respect Shatters, The Person Gets Shattered Completely. She Says He Has Shattered Her.

Sai Picks Up Her Luggage And Leaves The Chavan Nivas. She Turns To Look At Everyone At The Door And Then Gets Out. Virat Walks Mechanically To His Room. Ninad, Samrat And Bhawani Ask Him To Stop But He Shows No Reaction. Virat Goes Into His Room Looks At The Ring In His Hand. He Remembers The Time When He Gave The Ring To Her. He Punches The Wall In Frustration.

Virat Imagines Sai In The Room. He Thinks They Had Become Such Good Friends But Sai Could Even Trust Her Friend. He Thinks He Wanted To Introduce Her To Shruti And Sahas At The Right Time, But She Could Not Wait Just A Little. Virat Thinks He Cannot Even Think Of Another Woman And He Will Always Love Her.

Sai Imagines Virat In Her College. Sai Tell Herself That She Has No Importance In Virat’s Life And She Should Forget About Him. A Little Girl Comes To Sell Balloons And Toys. Sai Asks Her Why She Is Not In School. Girl Says She Is Just Helping Her Family During Her Holidays. Sai Tells Her To Continue Her Studies As Studies Will Always Keep Her Strong And Independent. The Girl Asks Her Why She Looks Unhappy. Sai Buys Four Toys From The Girl. Sai Thinks How Difficult It Must Have Been For Her Father To Raise Her Alone. She Thinks Now She Also Has No-One And She Will Have To Take Care Of Herself. Someone Places A Hand On Her Shoulder.

Ashwini Tells Ninad To Take His Medicine But He Refuses. He Feels Frustrated That He Could Not Stop Sai. Ashwini Says They Tried Everything. Ninad Says They Could Not Raise Virat Well And He Fought With Him For Shruti. Ashwini And Ninad Are Disappointed With Virat. Ashwini Says She Tried Everything To Bring Them Closer And Now That Sai Is In Love, Virat Did All This. Ninad Says Who Knows If They Will Ever Be Together Again.

Pulkit Comes To Sai And Says He Is There If She Wants To Talk About Anything. Sai Says There Is Nothing Left To Talk. Pulkit Says He Is Not Just Her Elder Brother, Also Her Mentor. Sai Says She Is Finding It Difficult To Accept Defeat In The Most Important Relationship In Her Life. Pulkit Says If She Is Sure That She Has Lost. He Says Sometimes One Cannot See Things Clearly. He Says Sai Is A Winner As She Did Not Compromise On Her Self-Respect.

Sai Says She Tried To Give Benefit Of Doubt To Virat, But No More. Pulkit Says This Time Virat Has Crossed The Limit. Sai Says His Behaviour Show How Important Shruti Is For Virat, While She Was Just His Responsibility. She Says There Was No Way She Could Have Stayed In That House After All This. She Says She Removed Herself From Virat And Shruti’s Life. Pulkit Tells Sai Not To Think About Them But Herself.

Pulkit Says He Knows She Is Strong And She Will Spend Her Life Without Anyone But He Knows It Will Be Very Difficult. Sai Says God Is With Her And Even He Supports Her. Pulkit Asks If She Will Be Able To Forget Chavan Family. Sai Says She Is Very Attached To The Family.

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