Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th January 2022 Written Update

Sai tells Samrat that he cannot stay in the house against his self-respect. Bhawani asks what about family respect. Sai asks Bhawani that she is the head of the family. Still, she is more concerned about the last name rather than finding out about Virat and Shruti. Bhawani says that she will question Virat. Ninad says that he and Ashwini think of her as her daughter and that she must not leave this house. Omkar and Sonali say that this house is more of a circus than a normal house.

Sai tells Ninad that Virat is her son and that she would not want her to get away from them. She says it is a fact that her marriage was just a commitment and that Virat is right to make a decision for her life. She tells them to welcome Shruti into the house happily, if it is that special to Virat. Everyone is shocked. Sai says that if she hadn’t been there, they would have welcomed another woman into Virat’s life. Bhawani scolds her.

Sonali asks Sai not to act nice. Bhawani says that Sai has no brain. Except for studies. Samrat tells Sai to come to his senses. Sai says that Shruti has done nothing wrong to her, but Virat has put Shruti in her place and now she must make the decision of her life. She says they must accept the truth. She says that she doesn’t want to be in someone’s life with force and begging. Ashwini asks Sai to think about them and how they will live without her. Sai tells Ashwini not to weaken her. Mansi tells Sai to think again.

Mohit feels guilty for telling them that Virat and Shruti are at the hotel. He asks Sai for forgiveness. Sai says that she did nothing wrong. Mohit tells Sai that she can only leave her corpse. Sonali scolds him. Sai tells Mohit that her relationship will not end if she stops living in this house.

Virat descends. Everyone is surprised to see it. Pakhi blames Sai for not telling anyone that Virat is home. Ninad asks if she was with that woman. Virat Tell Ninad to think before speaking. Ninad says that she is ashamed of him and that his wife is ready to leave the house. Virat says that she can’t do anything if Sai wants to live her life her way. Pakhi says it means Virat didn’t stop Sai. Samrat says that Virat is behaving like it doesn’t matter if Sai is leaving.

Sai says that he tried to stop her but was not ready to answer her questions. Ashwini warns Virat that he cannot bring that woman to this house instead of Sai. Virat says when he said about such a thing. Bhawani says that she was given all freedoms, but he took advantage of that freedom. Sonali says people will be talking about the Virat issue soon.

Virat says that he doesn’t care about the world. Pakhi asks him that he should explain why he chose Shruti over Sai. Virat tells him to shut up. He says no to Sai and Shruti as they have a different place in her life. He tells them not to include Drag Shruti in all of this, as she is not here to defend herself.

Ashwini and Ninad reprimand him for defending Shruti in front of the family. Ashwini tells Virat to get out of the house so Sai can stay in the house. Everyone is shocked.

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