Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Sai getting emotional seeing Virat’s condition. She holds herself and remembers Dr. Patil’s words. She starts taking vitals of Virat, when Pakhi enters inside the cabin. She confronts Sai and ask her to leave from there, but Sai stays adamant. Pakhi insults Sai and taunts her, but latter tries to ignore. Pakhi blames Sai for Virat’s condition and ask her to let them be in peace by leaving from there. Sai denies to go away stating that she have a job to look after Virat. She tells that she accepts her fault and wants to correct it by curing Virat. She gives a befitting reply to Pakhi and mocks her.

Here, Sai reminds Pakhi about how she got insulted by Virat everytime, still she keeps trying to come near him. She ask Pakhi to have some shame, while latter gets furious and declares that it was she who supported Virat when he was in need and tells how Sai have refused to believe her own husband. Sai tells that she acted according to the situation as the proofs were against Virat.

Pakhi tells Sai about her divorce with Virat and says that it will be better if she go away from him. Pakhi tries to touch Virat, but Sai moves her away and ask to go out. She declares that she is here to observe Virat’s condition and the meeting hour of family is over. She ask Pakhi to go away and warns that of she denies then the guard will throw her out.

Elsewhere, the wardboy comes there and tells that Dr. Patil have given the opportunity to Sai to check Virat and insists Pakhi to move out of the room. Meanwhile, latter goes out and gets furious at Sai. She determines to separate Sai from Virat. Whereas, Sai looks at Virat and gets flashes of how he saved her from the landmines.

Sai cries stating at Virat and feels guilty. She ask him to wake up and apologises for her mistake. She says that she will compensate for all her faults and insists him to wake up. “Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin” song plays as Sai keeps waiting for Virat to get conscious.

Ahead, Sai imagines Virat being awake and gets elated. She shares her happiness with him and seeks sorry for her mistake. She cries while he consoles her. At that moment she realises that it was all her imagination and breaksdown. She requests Virat to wake up and keeps talking to him.

Bhavani enters inside Virat’s cabin and sees Sai talking to him. She ask her to stop all the acting and orders to leave him. At that time Dr. Pulkit enters inside and gets shocked learning that Sai is responsible for Virat’s condition and also learns that they are divorced. Bhavani instigates him against Sai, while he ask her to leave Virat’s case. Suddenly, Sai notices Virat getting conscious and gets elated.

Further, Bhavani happily notify everyone that Sai will not handle Virat’s case anymore. They goes to check Virat and gets delighted seeing him awake. Pakhi gets upset thinking that he will again forgive Sai and they will get together, while Virat questions Sai that why is she near him? He expresses his pain which he felt when she left him and tells that she have totally broken him. She cries and apologises for her mistake, while he ask her to leave.

Precap:- Bhavani gets happy with Virat’s decision, while he denies to accept them. He reminds how they have broken all their ties with him. He taunts Samrat and says how he came to kill him. Ninad tries to talk to him, but Virat reminds him about his hurtful words. He says that he have moved on and doesn’t want to keep any relationship with them, while Chavans gets shocked.

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