Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 9, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sai celebrates Savi’s birthday. Doorbell rings. Savi opens the door, sees a clown and asks who he is. Clown jokes and says a lady called him. Sai calls Usha and asks if she called him. Usha says no. Clown says another lady invited him. Sai argues. Savi walks up to the clown, removes his fake nose and says it’s Jaggu/Jagtap. Jagtap says she was able to identify him easily. Sai asks what he is doing here. Jagtap asks how he can miss his tingu/junior master’s birthday. Feeling happy, Savi takes him in, leaving Sai frowning. Jagtap says her birthday cake is so delicious. Savi asks what he brought her. Jagtap says that he himself is a gift to her and will entertain her. Savi calls him mama/uncle. He asks her not to call her mama and runs around her. Usha smiles when she sees Savi happy.

Virat and Pakhi drive Vinu to the picnic spot and try to cheer Vinu up but he doesn’t smile when he misses Savi. Virat says they are going for a picnic after a long time, why he doesn’t feel well. Vinu says it would have been better if Savi had accompanied him. Savi also misses Vinu and Virat and says they don’t know about her birthday. Jagtap says he will inform them. Sai warns him not to create any more trouble. Doorbell rings. Jagtap opens the door and sees Virat standing there. Virat asks who he is. Jagtap reveals his identity and taunts what kind of police officer he is who can’t identify his acquaintance, how will he identify a criminal in disguise. Virat arrogantly ignores him and walks in seeing the birthday decoration.

Savi gets happy to see him and asks if he knew about her birthday. Virat says that her mother has not informed him about her birthday and asks her to question her mother. Savi questions Sai. Sai stands still. Virat asks to accompany him to the picnic. Savi asks Sai. Virat says it’s her day and she has to make a decision. He wishes her a happy birthday. She hugs and thanks him. Virat says he would have missed his daughter’s first birthday because of Sai and asks Sai to get ready for a picnic. Savi seeks permission from Sai. Sai stands still. Virat says it’s his order. Usha takes Savi to get her ready.

A package arrives for Ashwini. Ninad asks what she ordered. Ashwini says to unite Pakhi and Virat, she unites their beds; she remembers Virat’s attempts to reunite them and says it’s their turn now, and if they don’t make an effort, Virat and Pakhi won’t reunite again. Ninad asks what if one of them goes to sleep. Ashwini asks him to stop thinking negatively, saying that if they try to sleep separately again, she will lock the room from the outside. Jagtap asks Sai to pack Savi’s cake to let her share with her friends. Virat yells at him not to take his daughter’s name with his dirty mouth. He then yells at Sai that she planned to celebrate the birthday with her dirty boyfriend without informing him about his daughter’s birthday. Jagtap stops him and says it’s his fault he came in uninvited and not Sai’s, he should hit him if he wants to. Virat continues his arrogant behavior and tries to hit Virat. Sai stops him and sends Jagtap away.

Virat continues to take out his anger on Sai as he shouts how dare she hide his daughter’s birthday and says he will show her what he can do. Sai says she doesn’t want toxic people around her who hate Savi on her birthday. Virat asks if she means he and his wife are harmful to Savi. Sai says she didn’t say that. Virat shouts when she means that Pakhi is more harmful than Jagtap and continues..

Precap: Teacher tells Pakhi they have to leave now. Pakhi says we should celebrate Savi’s birthday first. They reveal cake and instead find Sai and Virat’s wedding anniversary cake.