Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein January 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sai and Pulkit perform Pakhi’s surgery while Bhavani and others wait anxiously in a waiting holding area. Sonali with Omkar wakes up and asks Bhavani if ​​Pakhi will not give an heir to their family. Bhavani breaks down when he remembers that he convinced Pakhi to honeymoon with Virat and was expecting a baby from Pakhi. Ashwini cries and says fate is playing a game with them, now Pakhi can’t become a mother anymore. Sai thinks he knows what motherhood means to a mother and feels sorry for Pakhi. Pulkit warns and asks her to perform Pakhi’s treatment like any other patient. After the operation, Sai walks to Virat and says that Pakhi’s operation is successful and she would be awake in a while. He should call Vinu here because Pakhi needs Virat and Vinu’s support. Virat says Vinu is coming with Harini. Sai says she knows he is in pain as he and Pakhi cannot expand their family, but they cannot change fate; he should control himself to control Pakhi and explain to her that only he, Vinu and Pakhi are a family and a 4th member cannot enter.

Virat tries to inform her about Vinu when Bhavani comes in and accuses Sai of conspiracy and making Pakhi childless and making Chavan family heir. Sai says she can understand Bhavani’s pain. Bhavani keeps verbally berating her and accuses her of snatching Vinayak from them. Sai breaks down saying that Bhavani has lost her heir, but she has lost her identity and is not complete without her son; she hopes she wouldn’t have traveled with Vinayak. Bhavani continues her venomous remarks. Virat asks her to stop her accusations as their Vinu is still alive. Vinu enters and asks if he was talking about her. He asks Sai about Pakhi. Sai assures that Pakhi is fine and does not need to go to the hospital very often.

Pakhi regains consciousness and asks about Vinu. Vinu says he is fine as Virat and Sai saved him from that dirty uncle who is now in police custody. Pakhi thanks Sai for saving his son. Sai says she doesn’t differentiate between Vinu and Savi. Pakhi says that Vinu is her life and she would not live if something happened to Vinu. She asks Vinu why he left her and got into trouble. She is in the hospital because of his tension. Vinu apologizes to her. Pakhi says to stay with him forever now. Vinu nods okay. Pakhi tries to wake up and feels a stomach ache. She asks Virat to get her fired because she wants to go home and spend time with Vinu. Virat says she needs to stay in the hospital for a few days to recover. Pakhi asks what happened to her.

Virat sends Vinu out with Harini. Pakhi asks why he sent Vinu out and what happened to her. Ashwini walks out crying. Sonali follows him and asks why she came out. Ashwini says she cannot see Pakhi collapse after hearing bad news. Virat informs Pakhi that her condition was critical and therefore her damaged uterus had to be removed. Pakhi has a nervous breakdown after hearing that. Sai says there was no other option as she would have lost her life so they had to make this difficult decision. Pakhi asks who else were involved, she yells at Sai who allowed her to remove her uterus. Virat says that he allowed Pulkit and Sai to remove Pakhi’s womb to save her life. Pakhi shouts that he killed her alive and spirals out of control. The nurse gives her a sedative. Pakhi falls asleep muttering that she doesn’t want to live. Virat looks at Sai.

Sai takes care of Pakhi. Virat thinks he should inform Vinu’s truth to Sai and tells her that he wanted to tell her something for 2 days but didn’t get a good chance, their Vinu is with them. Sai says Vinu is here. Virat says he is talking about their biological son Vinu who is alive. Sai gets emotional and asks if their Vinu is really alive where is he. Virat smiles.

Precap: Pakhi says that fate gave back a baby she gave birth to. Sai says she made a mistake before but not now and wants her son back. She asks Virat to do justice and return her son to her. Pakhi threatens to commit suicide when someone takes her son from her and jumps off a balcony.