Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein January 3, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at

Pakhi calls Virat and informs that she feels anxious as Vinu had left home uninformed yesterday and even today he is not responding to her calls. She asks him to send Pakhi’s hospital address as she wants to take him there. Virat asks her to relax and cook Vinu’s favorite food while he picks Vinu up and takes him home. He thinks that after finding out that Vinu is his biological son after much effort, he will not let anything happen to his children. Reporters ask Sai what is happening inside. Dr. Srinivasan informs them that a mentally ill patient has kidnapped 2 children and they are trying their best to save children. Sai has a panic attack. Sahiba calms her down. Sai calls Virat and asks him to bring a girl whose number she forwards to him. Virat asks if the kids are okay. Sai hopes so and asks him to bring the girl soon.

Sahiba asks how they can track Roohi as her phone is unreachable. Sai checks Pratap’s social media account and finds his and Ruhi’s photos. Sahiba says who would have thought such a lively man would become a monster. Sai says that someone who thinks out of his head gets a stone of heart when his/her breaks. She finds Ruhi holding a heart-shaped showpiece and asks Mahira if she can make it. She also sends a message to Ruhi that Pratap has kidnapped 2 innocent children. Reporters crowd them again. Mohit watches the news and informs Pakhi. Virat reaches the hospital and asks Sai what is going on here. Sai informs that Pratap kidnapped their children and asks if he reached Ruhi. Virat informs that Ruhi has changed her phone number and she now stays in Mumbai, but she refused to help them. He asks Dr. Srinivasan if there is any way to enter. Dr. Srinivasan informs that there is a fan high up.

Virat asks Sai to keep Pratap busy with conversations as he enters the building. He enters the ventilation duct via a rope and asks Dr. Srinivasan to cut off the electricity. Mahira ries to make showpiece. Sai tries to convince Pratap to free her children as they try to reach Ruhi. Pratap says their problem is to bring Ruhi to him. Sai explains that Ruhi had to marry someone helpless when she learned of his death news and cannot leave a person who held her hand. Pratap says something about him. Sai says that love means sacrifice. Pratap says he doesn’t have to learn a love lesson from her. Dr. Srinivasan turns off the power. Pratap warns Sai that he will kill her children. Sai pleads not to as there is a power outage in the whole area. Oxygen cylinders fall towards children and they scream for help. Sai begs Pratap not to harm her children. Sensing that Virat must try to enter the building, Pratap calls him via video and warns him to back off or he will kill Vinu. Virat promises not to enter the building, but enters quietly.

Pakhi reaches the hospital with Ashwini and Mohit and tries to enter. Mohit tries to stop her by saying that she still hasn’t recovered from the surgery. Pakhi stops when she gets a severe stomach ache. Virat reaches Sai. Sahiba hands her a showpiece. Sai slides it into the room through a doorway. Pratap gets emotional seeing the showpiece and remembers Ruhi gave it to him as a present. Sai convinces him to open the door and walks in. Virat jumps in through the window and overpowers Pratap. He points the gun at Pratap and says he will kill him for trying to harm his children. Pratap asks him to go ahead and release him from his pain. Sai asks Virat him to spare Pratap as he has sacrificed his hand for the country and is a victim of the situation. Virat hugs Vinu and cries vigorously. Pratap asks Sai why she saved him. Sai says because she used to love someone too.

Precap: Virat tells Sai that we saved our children, our Vinu. Sai asks what their Vinu means. Pulkit calls Virat and informs that Pakhi’s condition is critical. Sai again asks Virat what he was talking about Vinu.