Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 31, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat gets emotional when he thinks about meeting his biological son Vinu. Mr. Sheshadri brings Karthik. Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi… song playing in the background. Mr. Sheshadri tells Karthik that this uncle came to meet him. Karthik greets Virat. Virat spoils Karthik with teary eyes. Karthik asks who he is. Virat says baba, his baba, and then says his father’s friend. Karthik says he has never seen him before. Virat says he saw him when he was a baby and has grown so big now. He embraces Karthik and notices a mark on his hand. Karthik says it has been there since childhood. Virat asks Seshadri since when Karthik has this mark. Ms. Sheshadri says since birth. Karthik goes to play with his friends. Mr. Sheshadri shows Karthik’s toddler pictures when they adopted him. Virat asks if Karthik’s name was Vinu when they adopted him. Mr. Sheshadri brings a bracelet they found with Karthik when they adopted him. Virat checks and says their son is not his Vinu as Venugopal is written on a bracelet. He apologizes for the inconvenience. They pray that he gets his son soon. Virat thanks them and leaves.

Savi serves lunch to Sai, Sahiba and Usha. Usha asks Sahiba about her family. Sahiba describes about her relatives. Usha asks what Sahiba means. Sahiba says there is a famous love story of Mirza Sahiba, her father loved that love story so much that he called her Sahiba. Sai asks if there is Mirza in her life. Sahiba says she will focus on her artwork first and then think about a life partner. Sai says that a life partner can change their life. She became a doctor after her marriage and her husband helped her a lot; she then says she means her ex-husband. Virat returns to his car crying. Vinayak asks where his new friend is, why is he crying. Virat says something got into his eyes. Vinu asks why he won’t accept his crying and asks if he came here to find someone special. Virat says yes. Vinu says doctor auntie says it’s good if they get what they want and better if they don’t get it because god has kept something better for them. He promises to always be with him.

Virat takes Vinu home. Pakhi asks why he left the house. Vinu says that Bhavani scolded him so he got discouraged and left the house. Pakhi, he took out Bhavani’s anger on his mother, he knows how much she worried about him during the Ramleela incident, his mother always worries about him, his mother would die without him. Vinu apologizes to her. PaVkhi says they should listen in silence to the scolding of the elderly, as the elderly are always right. Vinu nods okay. Virat goes to the washroom and remembers all the recent incidents while searching for Vinu. He thinks that if God had to break her hopes, why did he awaken hope in him? He stamps his hand angrily and drops something. Pakhi hears a noise from the washroom. She notices Virat’s phone ringing and picks it up. The dean of the city hospital says he wants to see Mr. Chavan. Sai says he can inform her. Virat walks out at that moment. Dean says there’s a little mistake, he wants to tell him something. Virat says he will come now and leaves without talking to Pakhi.

Sai meets and interacts with her patients. Sahiba praises Sai’s good nature and jokes that since everyone becomes her fans, she will have to move her pottery class somewhere. Dr. Srinvivasan informs Sai that Pratap has become suicidal and tries to commit suicide by jumping from the terrace. Pratap climbs errace wall. Everyone begs him to come down. He threatens them to stay away from him. Sai and Sahiba run towards him and beg him to go down as he is a brave man. Pratap says he is not a brave man, he hates his own life. Sai asks him to share his problems. Pratap says his girlfriend agreed to marry someone else when he was missing for some time, will she convince his girlfriend to return to him. Sahiba says any problem can be solved with a mutual discussion. Pratap says there is nothing more to talk about, he lost his hand while serving his country and was unconscious for 2 months, his girlfriend didn’t want him at all. Sahiba says his girlfriend may not have known he was alive. Pratap says she knows now but has left him. He tries to jump. Sai yells at him that it’s enough.

Precap: Sai tells Sahiba that her pottery therapy is great. Sahiba says Sai’s eyes sparkle when she talks about pottery therapy and asks if Vinu is her ex-husband’s son. Constable informs that Pratap kidnapped Vinu and Savi. Savi warns Pratap that her father will not spare him. Pratap calls Virat and threatens him.