Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sahiba tells Sai that she has not been able to drink tea since morning and she has no energy without tea. Sai takes her to a tea shop. Sahiba says her father prepares the best tea in the world. Sai says she won’t get tea like her father prepares, but not even a bad one. She asks Sahiba to sit down and goes in to get tea, bun maska ​​and nan khatai. Two goons pass lewd comments about Sahiba and discuss getting her number. Sai overhears that and teaches him a nice lesson with Sahiba. Goons start to cry and apologize. Sai makes them do situps and chases them away. Sahiba is feeling happy.

Pakhi looks for Vinayak and doesn’t find him all over the house. She calls Virat who is driving and informs that Vinu is missing from home after Bhavani scolded him. Virat asks her to relax as he will be home soon and disconnects. He later notices Vinu hiding in his car and gets him out. Vinu insists that he take him everywhere as Bhavani always scolds and speaks ill of him. He asks where he is going and why he has toys with him. Virat says he is going to meet a boy. Vinu asks if he looks like Savi, even he wants to meet that boy. Virat says that he would soon be Vinu’s best friend and asks him to sit in the car while meeting that boy first. Vinu agrees. Virat calls Pakhi and informs her that Vinu is in his car and he will take him home after a while.

Virat visits Sheshadri’s house and rings the doorbell. Mrs Sheshadri opens the door. Virat asks if her son is home. Mrs Sheshadri says her son Karthik has left. Viragt asks if her son’s name was Vinu before. Mrs. Sheshadri gets tense, calls Mr. Sheshadri and informs him that this man came to meet Karthik. Virat shows his police ID. Mr. Sheshadri calls him in. Virat asks if they adopted Kartik from Ayush orphanage. Sheshadris says yes, they are taking good care of Kartik and have not informed him that he is adopted. Virat says Kartik is his son Vinu and shows Vinu’s birth certificate. Seshadri responds and says they will not let him take Kartik. Virat says that he lost Vinu in a bus accident and has been frisking him ever since, he just wants to meet and touch his son.

Mrs. Sheshadri asks him to leave as she will not allow him to take her son. Virat pleads that even if he adopts a child who is Kartik’s age and knows what Kartik means to them, he will just meet Kartik and leave from there. Mrs. Sheshadri refuses. Mr. Sheshadri convinces her to let Virat meet Kartik as he sees Virat’s emotions and goes to call Kartik. At Sai’s house, Sahiba makes Savi wear a dupatta in Punjabi style. Savi says she looks like Sahiba. Sai walks over and says dinner is ready. Savi goes to show her Punjabi look to Vinu over the phone. Sahiba sees baby’s photo with Sai and says that Savi looks cute as a child. Sai says it’s the photo of her older child Vinu that she lost in an accident. Sahiba says that even a boy who was with her in a resort is Vinu. Sai reveals that Vinu was adopted by Virat and describes how she and Virat are emotionally connected because of Vinu.

Precap: Sai tells Sahiba that her pottery therapy is great. Sahiba says Sai’s eyes sparkle when she talks about pottery therapy and asks if Vinu is her ex-husband’s son. Constable informs that Pratap kidnapped Vinu and Savi. Savi warns Pratap that her father will not spare him. Pratap calls Virat and threatens him.