Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein January 2, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at

Pratap continues to threaten suicide by jumping off a terrace wall. Sahiba tells Pratap that his girlfriend must have thought he was tortured or she wouldn’t have married anyone else. Pratap says she knows everything now why didn’t she return to him. He tries to jump off the terrace wall. Sai challenges him to jump and waste no time like a coward. Pratap says she doesn’t know who he is, he single-handedly killed 12 terrorists in a coveted operation. Sai says it wasn’t him, she envisions a coward. He angrily tries to attack her. Police officers catch him. Sai asks them to knock him down and give him a sedative. Sahiba asks in shock what she did. Sai says she provoked Pratap because he didn’t come down with a request and would have jumped down. Sahiba praises her intelligence and brave deed. Sai suggests to Dr. Srinivasan to move Pratap to a better facility.

Virat meets the dean of the city hospital who informs that a young master Vinu who was brought in here had a car accident not a bus accident, so he is not the one Virat is looking for. Virat says he knows. Dean says there was another boy they moved to the Bal orphanage and not Ayush, so he should go there and find that baby. Virat thinks he adopted Vinu from the Bal orphanage. Dean wishes him luck and hopes he finds a boy he is looking for. Virat thanks him and leaves. Sahiba gives pottery lessons to hospital patients. Vinu and Savi reach there with Sai and feel excited to see Sahiba’s pottery class. Virat visits Bal orphanage manager who informs that then on Vinayak Chaturdi day 2 boys were brought in hence they named one as Vinayak. She shows Vinayak’s sweater he was wearing. Virat gets emotional when he sees that. The manager further checks the details and informs that he has adopted Vinayak.

Pratap spirals out of control when he remembers Sai provoking him and snatches the inspector’s gun. Vinayak and Savi come over, and he kidnaps them. Sai praises Sahiba for seeing patients learn pottery peacefully under her guidance. Sahiba says she is surprised to see Sai’s bond with Vinu, her ex-husband’s son. Sai says that Vinu admires her a lot and loves Savi like a sister, sometimes she even feels that Vinu is her son, recalling Vinu’s affection towards her. Sahiba says someone who doesn’t know this would think Vinu is her son. An agent informs them that Pratap has gone out of control again and kidnapped Sai and Vinayak. sai gets tense when he hears that. Virat drives home by car and happily remembers his bond with Vinu and thanks god for protecting Vinu and reuniting it.

Savi and Vinayak beg Pratap to spare them or else their police officer father will not spare him. Pratap warns them to shut up. Savi gets more scared. Vinayak warns him to stay away from his sister and says he can do anything to protect his sister. Pratap says sibling love, he will kill the myth about love today. Virat calls Vinu. Vinu informs him that a dirty uncle has kidnapped him. Virat warns Pratap to spare his children. Pratap challenges him to dare to catch him. Sai knocks on the door and begs Pratap to open the door. Virat hears her voice and calls her. At Chavan nivas, Bhavani comments on Vinu when he fails to return home in time saying that he follows his father’s path and roams around Sai and Savi. Pakhi warns her to stop targeting Vinu. She calls Vinu and finds his number is busy. Bhavani taunts when her son doesn’t pick her call. Pakhi then calls Virat and finds that even his number is busy.

Sai informs Virat about the situation there by phone. She then begs Pratap again to spare her children. Pratap says he will only do that if she brings his girlfriend Roohi here and lets him marry her; he says that this world has wronged him and therefore he will wrong the world. Sahiba agrees to call Roohi but finds her number is unreachable. Pratap shouts that it is not his problem. Sahiba agrees to find a way to reach Roohi. Pakhi calls Virat and asks him to send her Sai’s hospital address as Vinu went there with Savi.

Precap: Viratg reaches the hospital and promises Sai to save Vinu and Savi at any cost and enters the building through a pipeline. Pratap challenges that no one can save the children from him. Gas canisters fall on Vinu and Savi and they scream.