Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 2, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat tells Sai that she made a right decision and her Aaba should be proud of her. Sai thanks him. Virat says he should instead thank her for treating his son who previously couldn’t even walk but now can run, he won’t be able to win her favor all her life. Sai says that if he really wants to thank her, he shouldn’t let their professional lives interfere with their personal lives and act like a true professional at work. He promises and holds out his hand to shake. She walks away without shaking hands. He remembers Pakhi’s request not to accept the commissioner’s offer. He returns home and tells Pakhi to talk. Pakhi says she organized a movie party with Vinu on the terrace and prepares snacks for them. He says he really needs to talk. Pakhi continues her excitement and describes the extracurricular classes scheduled for Vinu.

Family joins in and tensely asks Virat if something happened at the police station. Pakhi asks if the commissioner is angry after refusing his offer to work with Sai. Virat says he said yes. Bhavani yells at Sai that she must have manipulated Virat and made him accept the offer. Virat says he agreed first and then Sai. Pakhi gets tense when he hears that. Sonali taunts her that Virat is not under her control at all. Savi congratulates Sai and says Sai’s baba was a police station, now Sai has become a police officer too, even she will become a police officer soon, then 3 police officers would be at home. Usha tells Sai that Kamal Dada/Aaba would be proud of her, but she fears… Sai says she has acted situationally and is ready to face the consequences.

Pakhi expresses her frustration by breaking things in her room. Virat walks over to her and asks her to calm down. Pakhi shouts what will she hear. Virat says she feels insecure. Pakhi says that she brought his ex-wife from Kankauli to Nagpur to treat Vinu when he and his family were against her; instead, he feels insecure and remembers how he tried to make his ex-wife insecure in a jewelry store by buying a necklace for his current wife; he tries to sail on 2 boats; she takes care of their son alone; he was always selfish and used her to satisfy his ego; their hearts are never united, forgets the beds, even then she follows a one-sided relationship and tolerates insults, etc. Virat says how she got these thoughts in her head, Savi is her daughter and Sai is not for him. He asks if she would be in trouble if another female doctor worked with her in the future.

Pakhi says the female doctor Sai wouldn’t be, it’s not the same; she boasted that her husband never breaks promises, but he never keeps his promise. She continues to express her frustration. Virat yells at her to stop saying he has never crossed his boundaries and never will, she must trust him and not put her dignity in between his duty, she is his wife and he will always have her in that sense to respect. Virat reaches office. Sai joins the service. Virat informs her about her duty. Sai sits at a reception and gives him suggestions on the changes to be made. He asks her to report and file. Constable enters and informs Virat that Pakhi did not send him a tiffin and looked angry. Virat’s subordinate says even his wife gets angry sometimes and doesn’t give her tiffin for 2 days, Virat can share his tiffin. Virat says it’s okay.

Pakhi enters with tiffin for Virat and congratulates Sai on accepting her new job. Sai thanks her and returns to her desk. Pakhi serves lunch to Virat and says that even she hasn’t had any food since last night after their fight, but Virat didn’t bother to ask. Virat asks if she ever asked him. Pakhi says he didn’t even work with his ex until now. She scrapes Virat’s lips to make Sai jealous. Virat feels uncomfortable.

Precap: Savi asks Virat to help her make a project together. Pakhi says they will make a project in Vinu’s room. Sai says she cannot enter Chavan nivas and when they all have to make a project they do it at her house. Virat agrees. Pakhi comes back from work and finds Virat not at home, bursts into Sai’s house and finds him shirtless.