Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sai’s senior physician Dr. Srinivas shows her a PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) unit that treats police officers who are injured on duty or who suffer from mental or physical trauma. Sai asks why this department is empty. Dr. Srinivas says they are being treated by an artist outside. Sai asks if he can take her to them. Dr. Srinivas agrees, takes her out and introduces her to artist Sahiba. Sai is surprised to see Sahiba. Dr. Srinivas asks if they know each other. Sai says that Sahiba is also a good painter. Sahiba asks Sai if she is a doctor. Sai says these are all her patients. Sahiba says she has spent her life working for her family and doing social work to help others. Sai is feeling impressed. They see officers expressing their frustration on a clay.

Virat visits an orphanage, meets the manager, informs that a child named Master Vinu was brought here from the city hospital after a bus accident, gives his hospital file and asks her to give information about Vinu. Manager asks why he wants to know about this boy. Virat says he knows it is a confidential matter, he himself adopted a boy from an orphanage whom he and all his family love very much, it is important for him to know about Master Vinu. Manger agrees and checks the records. She informs that Vinu was brought in here and was in deep drama, no one had adopted him initially but few adopted later and now he is near Nagpur. She gives Vinu’s current address. Virat thanks manager and Bappa and thinks he can finally meet his son.

Vinu is getting ready for school and is about to leave when Bhavani plays with him with a toy gun and gives him that toy as a present and says that he will become a police officer when he grows up. Vinu he will become doctor like doctor aunt and help people. Bhavani gets angry and tells him to love his mother and another doctor aunt. Vinu describes how doctor aunt treated and took care of him. Bhavani yells at him to stop reciting doctor aunt’s name and warns him that he will become a police officer and not a doctor when he grows up. Vinu runs away crying. Sonali says that whatever Bhavani tries, Vinu will not obey her. Bhavani says that Vinus is not in her blood and an outsider will always love outsiders. Pakhi overhears that and says that Vinu is her and Virat’s son and even if she has a biological son, she will prioritize vinu first as emotional relationships are stronger than blood relationships. Bhavani says that these philological words look good in speeches, but the reality is something else; an outsider can act like a loved one, but can never be a loved one; she only needs her own blood and she would never love an adopted child. Pakhi feels disguised.

An officer keeps venting his anger on a clay. Constable tries to stop him. Sahiba tells him to express his frustration. Officer stops. Sahiba says it’s good that he expressed his negativity, now he can show his positivity by kneading a pot. Officer shouts to stop showing fake sympathy and walks away. Dr. Srinivas informs that he is a brave officer. Pratap lost his hand in a terrorist operation, he has been showing his frustration ever since. Sahiba says she can understand. Sai says Pratap is deeply hurt, she and Sahiba can heal his mental trauma. Sahiba agrees and asks Dr. Srinivas to show her room. Dr. Srinivas says that rooms are being renovated and so he has rented a house for her at a distance. Sahiba says she doesn’t know the roads here. Sai offers her to say at her house and convinces her.

Virat returns home, searches for Vinu’s documents, finds his birth certificate and thinks that he will have his son through this birth certificate. Pakhi enters and asks what he is looking for. He thinks he should hide it from her. She is trying to choose a certificate. He stops her and says the doctor advised her not to bend over and nervously keeps the certificate in a file. Pakhi says that Vinu is upset after Bhavani scolded him so if they can take him out and cheer him up. Virat asks if she can handle Vinu as he has to complete his research. She asks why he goes through official documents at home. Virat says he kept official documents at home and leaves in fear, leaving her confused.

Pakhi informs Virat that Vinu left the house after Bhavani scolded him. Virat reaches the address where Vinu is adopted.