Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat takes Pakhi to a restaurant. Vinu and Savi who are already there with Sai get excited when they see them. Pakhi gets disappointed when he sees three of them. Vinu describes how upset he was without them. Savi describes how an artist drew Sai’s painting. Vinu says that Sai has taken good care of him and he will call her choti mamma from now on. Pakhi gets upset when he hears that. Virat says that if he has his mother, there is no need to call Sai as his mother. Vinu says choti mamma, why can’t he call Savi’s mama choti mamma when she can call his baba her baba. Virat says that Savi’s baba is not there but his mother is with him and that is why he should name Savi’s mother as a doctor aunt. Vinu asks what difference it makes if he calls Savi’s mamma his choti mamma. Sai says there is nothing in name and only respect and care are important so he should call her doctor aunt. She asks him to spend time with his parents as she and Savi leave from there. Savi says she wants to spend time with Vinu. Sai says she got a new job without anyone’s help and needs to prepare for it. She no longer works with Virat. Savi sadly waves goodbye to Vinu and his parents and leaves with Sai.

At home, Ashwini gives soup to Pakhi. Bhavani scolds Pakhi for returning home on Pulkit’s advice. Ashwini says it’s good that Pakhi has returned as she is still unwell. Bhavani says if she stays at home how can she give their family an heir; she asks Pakhi whether she has started her married life or not. Ashwini asks if this is the place to ask all this. Bhavani asks where else than and asks Pakhi if she will give them an heir or not. Pakhi sits still. Sonali notices that Virat has made so many plans and let everything go in vain, she thinks that Pakhi is not happy. Bhavani scolds her for watching her tongue and says Virat is trying his best to change. Pakhi says that Virat has really changed and describes how Virat tried to put her at ease when they met Sai, Vinu and Sai at a restaurant on their way home. She says that they will start a married life soon. Sonali says she can now hear the baby cry herself. Bhavani is feeling happy.

Sai shifts to her new office and arranges photos on her desk. She looks at the picture of her and Virat and gets sad. She remembers a coveted operation with Virat and his team, then remembers Virat stopping Vinu from calling her choti mamma, and angrily throws a photo in the garbage. Senior Doctor Dr. Srinivas Urvase enters and apologizes for not being available to welcome her as he was busy treating patients. Sai says it’s okay as patient care is their main motto. Virat visits the dean of City Hospital and tries to find information about Vinayak. Dean checks his laptop and says there is no information, then says there must be some information in the file room. Virat insists on checking the records himself and finds Master Vinu’s file. Dean says that when Vinu came to their hospital he was traumatized and had a high fever. They treated him and waited for his parents and relatives, but unfortunately no one came, so they transferred him to Ayush Orphanage. Virat asks if he can take this file with him. Dan agrees. Virat thanks him for his help.

Precap: Virat prays god to reunite him with his son. The orphanage manager informs that the child is near Nagpur and gives his address. Vinu asks Bhavani what problem she has with doctor aunt. Bhavani yells at him not to compare Sai to Pakhi and remarks that outsiders blood will only love outsiders. Pakhi informs Virat that Vinu left the house after Bhavani scolded him. Virat reaches the address where Vinu is adopted.