Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat asks Swapnil and Niyati if they remember the face of a woman whose son they hand over to workers after their bus accident. Niyati says she doesn’t remember her face because it’s been a long time. Virat shows Sai’s photo and asks if she is that woman. Niyati says they don’t remember. Swapnil asks why he is so concerned. Virat says that the boy can be his prodigal son and the woman his ex-wife. He asks if they at least remember those rescuers. They remember Good Deeds NGO and its member Abhim

Sai tells her story to Sahiba. Sahiba says it means Mr Modak/Virat is on their honeymoon. Sai says yes, but it doesn’t affect her. Sahiba says her eyes say different, an artist can read people’s eyes and they say she hides pain inside her. She asks her to let her emotions run wild and describes what her father says. Sai completes her proverb and says that even her Aaba used to say that. Sahiba says if her father and Sai’s father say the same thing, she should follow it and let her emotions run wild. She says she’s glad to meet her and tries to leave. Sai asks if they will not meet again. Sahiba says so and says she feels so happy after a long time. Sai walks to her room’s room, turns on the shower and loudly recalls the moments she spent with Virat and then Virat’s increasing closeness to Sai. Goonja Hai Ek Tara.. song playing in the background.

Virat returns to Pakhi and finds herself upset. He says she slept while they were talking. Pakhi says she didn’t want to sleep and wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, these drugs make her fall asleep. Alarm rings. Virat says it’s time for her medicine and insists on giving her medicine. He gets a call and moves aside. Sai walks towards the sleeping Vinu and Sai. Vinu sees her swollen eyes and asks if she was crying. Sai says why would she cry. Vinu asks her not to lie as even his mother’s eyes swell when she cries. He makes her sit and puts warm compresses on her eyes. She hugs him emotionally. He says he does the same for her mother even Sai is just like his mother as Savi calls his baba her baba. Sai thinks how can someone leave such a nice child in an orphanage.

Virat calls Abhimanyu Kothari and questions him about a boy Swapnil and Niyati handed over to him after a bus accident. Abhimanyu checks the records and says that the list of both dead and survived passengers, 3 children were found after an accident, one was Ankit and the other was Master Vinu. Virat gets excited hearing Master Vinu and asks which hospital he took those 3 kids to. Abhimanyu says city hospital. Virat thanks him and hangs up. He hears Pakhi writhing in stomachache and calling him from the bathroom and rushes to her. He notices her sitting on the floor, holding her belly and her medicine box in the garbage can. She says she hasn’t taken any medications because she wants to spend time with him. He berates her for her carelessness, saying that he cares about her and that she can only spend time with him when she gets better. He forcibly gives her medicine and informs the doctor about her condition. Doctor suggests him to immediately take Pakhi to Nagpur for some tests.

On his way home, he calls the dean of the city hospital. Pakhi asks why he called the hospital dean. Virat says he is interrogating a case. Pakhi thinks business is more important to him. He stops the car at a restaurant to have lunch and finds Vinu, Savi and Sai there. Pakhi frowns.

Precap: Virat investigates past accident files and learns that Vinu is his and Sai’s biological son. Pakhi’s doctor informs him that Pakhi cannot get pregnant. Sai asks Virat if he found any clue from the hospital records.