Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sai continues to entertain resort guests with her pranks, indirectly detailing the story of he, Virat and Pakhi and Pakhi’s jealousy towards her. Guests laugh out loud. Virat remembers Swapnil and Niyati’s words and thinks that if that child and mother were Vinu and Sai, it’s like shooting an arrow in the dark. Pakhi walks towards him in a hot nightgown. Virat is silent. Pakhi says that when she wore her old dress, he praised her, why doesn’t he praise her. He says she looks good. She rests on his shoulder and says that she wanted to express her heart many times but didn’t get a chance, but today she has a chance and even time and wants to say that she loves him very much.

Back at the resort, the host introduces a special artist, Ms. Sahiba Kaur Munga, who can draw one’s painting at first glance in 5 minutes. Everyone claps for Sahiba. Host says that Sahiba will choose one lucky person and paint his/her picture. Sahiba says she has already chosen a person and starts drawing and painting. Sai sits sadly recalling her happier memories with Virat. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Virat gets lost in thought as Pakhi tries to romanticize him. She asks where he got lost. Virat says one thing intrigues him: a couple who questioned them about Pakhi’s health told them that they were also probably involved in a bus that Sai and Vinu were traveling on. He finds Pakhi sleeping and thinks that he will investigate the matter further first and then inform everyone about Vinu.

Sahiba draws Sai’s painting. Host says there is something special about this painting. Sahiba gives painting to Sai. Sai asks why she draws a smiling face with sad eyes. Sahiba says eyes don’t lie, she just drew what her eyes saw in Sai’s eyes. Sai thanks her and asks why she chose only her. Sahiba she felt her emotions when she spoke on stage and felt connected to her. She goes on to say that she knows that mirchi/chilli from her story is none other than herself. Sai accepts. Sahiba promises to keep her secret to herself and asks her to share her story with her. Virat knocks on Swapnil and Niyati’s room and questions them about a woman they described as traveling with them during a bus accident.

Precap: Virat investigates past accident files and learns that Vinu is his and Sai’s biological son. Pakhi’s doctor informs him that Pakhi cannot get pregnant. Sai asks Virat if he found any clue from the hospital records.