Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 25, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Swapnil and Niyati inform Virat about their earlier bus accident when they traveled from Nagpur to Gadchiroli. Niyati says she cannot forget the crying of small children and women from the bus. Swapnil says especially a woman who was carrying her baby from 1-3 months old. Virat doubts whether it should be Sai and Vinayak and asks what happened to them. Vinu plays hide and seek with Savi and loses when Pakhi video calls him. Sai dances after capturing him. Vinu tells Pakhi that he lost his game to Savi because of her. Pakhi asks what he is doing with Savi at the moment. Vinu informs that Sai brought them to Lonavala. Pakhi asks why he didn’t inform him about his trip. Vinu says that even she didn’t and Bhavani warned him not to call her. Sai enters. Vinu gives her phone and goes back to playing.

Sai asks Pakhi how she is now. Pakhi says she is fine and shows her decorated bridal suite. She thanks Sai and says that if she didn’t save her, she wouldn’t have had nice moments with Virat, Virat takes good care of her, she is very happy as a wife. Sai says she is happy for her. Pakhi thanks her for looking after Vinu. Sai says they enjoy it very much. She feels depressed. Niyati tells Virat that they had kept that woman’s baby for a long time. Virat thinks if they talk about Sai and Vinu then Vinu is alive. Pakhi enters and asks Virat if he heard about Vinu. Virat asks what. Pakhi says that Vinu went for a picnic with Sai. Virat is upset. Swapnil and Niyati run away. Pakhi asks Virat to relax while Vinu enjoys a picnic with Pakhhi and Savi.

Sai attends the resort’s live comedy show with kids, but doesn’t like the jokes. Vinu asks if she didn’t like the show. Sai says she’s enjoying it. Savi asks if she is crying. Sai says no and decides to go on stage. Everyone claps for her. She gets a note to talk about marriage. She jokes about marriage and makes everyone laugh. She talks sarcastically about her broken marriage and Pakhi’s suspicious behavior.

Precap: Virat investigates past accident files and learns that Vinu is his and Sai’s biological son. Pakhi’s doctor informs him that Pakhi cannot get pregnant. Sai asks Virat if he found any clue from the hospital records.