Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 24, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Pakhi tells Ashwini that Virat has really accepted her as his wife for the first time and she feels it is a dream. Ashwini tickles her and says it’s not a dream. The next day, Virat and Pakhi walk down ready for their honeymoon. Ashwini asks them to take care of themselves and call her after they reach their destination. Pakhi asks her to take care of Vinu. Ashwini asks her not to worry about Vinu. Bhavani feeds them sweet cottage cheese and says she needs some good news soon and wants to play with her grandchild as soon as possible. Mohit assures that he will play with Vinu. Ashwini suggests to Virat to make sure Pakhis is comfortable as she is innocent as a child and breaks down easily. Virat and Pakhi leave. Sonali asks Mohit when he and Karishma will give her a grandchild, Karishma says they don’t live as a couple and Mohit doesn’t open his mouth at all, which happens between them.

Virat drives a car. Serial’s title track is playing on FM. Virat calls Sai back and changes songs. Pakhi asks why he changed this song, it’s his and Sai’s favorite song. Virat says he doesn’t want to look back once he has decided to move on. Pakhi says we should make our new playlist. Virat says why not and asks if she asked Mohit to pick up Vinu from school. Pakhi asks him not to worry as Mohit has already reached Vinu’s school. Virat says his first trip without Vinu. Pakhi says we have to pick him up too. Virat says this journey is for them.

Mohit reaches Vinu’s school and waits for him. Sai notices him and considers informing him about Karishma’s affair. She walks up to him and asks how he and his life are doing. Mohit says that he has joined the family business with Pakhi and is doing well. Sai says she talks about his personal life and asks if everything is okay between him and Karishma. He says yes. She takes Karishma’s number from him. Savi and Vinu walk towards them. Vinu shows his anger that his parents went on their honeymoon without him. Sai is good that his parents went on a trip. Vinu says it’s a very good resort and he wanted to enjoy it too. Mohit says he will take him to eat ice cream. Vinu says she doesn’t want to. Savi says, let’s go with mom then. Sai says she will accept his grandparent’s approval.
Feeling excited, Vinu asks Mohit to join. Mohit says to look after the office during Pakhi’s absence so that all three of them can enjoy it. He gets them in the care of dropping them. Sai calls Ashwini and tells her to take Vinu out to cheer him up. Ashwini thanks her. Sai says little Anuhere doesn’t need that. Bhavani overhearing their conversation rudely says that they thank her for resigning from her job and leaving Virat and their lives and warns them not to disturb Virat and Paki instead of Vinu. Sai says she will have fun with children and will not disturb anyone.

Virat and Pakhi reach resort. The manager welcomes them and presents them with a happy honeymoon cake. In the evening, they spend quality time together in the garden of the resort. Pakhi says she longed for these moments and clicks the pictures of a dancing couple. Virat says she took their pictures without their permission. Pakhi says they look so cute, walks up to them and says they looked so cute together and she took a picture of them without their permission. Couple loves their photos. Pakhi says that she and her husband had a similar memory, remembering her and Virat’s first meeting at a resort. Man introduces himself as Swapanil Wagh and his wife Niyati. Pakhi introduces himself. Niyati says they can click their photos and email them later. Pakhi says sure. Virat’s watch alarm goes off and Virat administers medicine to Pakhi. Swapnil and Niyati are impressed by Virat’s gesture. Artists perform on stage. Virat misses Vinu. Pakhi moves aside to call Vinu.

Niyati asks Virat why he gave medicine to Pakhi, if there is a problem. Virat informs them about their recent accident and says that Pakhi is now fine after the surgery. Niyati gets anxious. Swapnil informs them about their bus accident when they traveled from Nagpur to Gadchiroli.

Precap: Virat investigates previous accident files and learns that Vinu is his and Sai’s biological son. Pakhi’s doctor informs him that Pakhi cannot get pregnant. Sai asks Virat if he found any clue from the hospital records.