Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sai contemplates whether to inform Virat or Mohit about Karishma’s affair or talk to Karishma first. Usha asks her to stay away from Chavans as they hate her and would verbally abuse her again. Sai asks how much she should stay away from Chavans, she has already submitted her letter of resignation. Usha says that those were the tears of sadness and not spicy pani puri. Sai asks if she means she longs to meet Virat every day, she used to meet him as she used to work with him and now that she has resigned she has no reason to meet him again.

Virat and Pakhi perform pooja at home. Panditji says that with this pooja their martial troubles will end and their relationship will become strong. Virat takes Panditji’s blessings. Panditji ties a protective sacred thread on Virat’s wrist and calls Pakhi. Pakhi sits still. Virat asks if he can tie it on Pakhi’s wrist. Panditji agrees. Virat asks Pakhi to extend her hand but Pakhi doesn’t. Bhavani and Ashwini also fail to convince her. Vriat says that although Pakhi may not forgive her, he wants to express what is in his heart. He says that he couldn’t be a good husband to Pakhi, though Pakhi came into his life like a ray of light and supported him every step of his life; his life was in turmoil when Vinu came into his life because of Pakhi; he was wrong that he was entitled to husband just after he tied her a mangalsutra; he wants to start over with her and give their relationship a fresh start with this sacred thread. He asks if they can’t forget the past and start over.

Savi video calls Vinu and asks why he hasn’t called since the morning. Vinu says he has pooja at home and even asks her to show Sai pooja arrangement. Sai joins in. Vinu shows Virat asking Pakhi if they can’t forget the past and start over. Pakhi when he says off the top of his head. Virat says that every word of his is from memory. Pakhi says if he can promise him that he will wholeheartedly accept her as his wife and life partner and be faithful to her. Virat ties sacred thread on her wrist and in front of his family and sacred fire says that he considers her his wife from now on. Chavans is delighted to hear that while Sai feels discouraged. He takes pheras around havan kund. Virat makes a promise to Pakhi with every phera. Sai remembers their marriage and their romantic moments and gets teary-eyed. Virat asks Pakhhi if she will give him a chance to be her husband. Ashwini and Bhavani ask Pakhi yes to stay. Pakhi says yes. Vinu excitedly tells Savi that he is watching his parents’ wedding.

After the marriage, Pakhi tells Ashwini that she wants to go back to her husband’s room. Ashwini takes her to Virat’s room and expresses her happiness for Pakhi’s fresh start. Pakhi hugs her emotionally and asks if it is a dream as she feels that she will open her eyes and see everything normal again. Many emotions come up in her heart and she cannot understand anything. Ashwini says she instantly gets angry and happy like a child with a clean heart. Pakhi asks why she didn’t get love in her life and she was blooming for life all her life. She says her waiting has ended today and Virat has accepted her as his wife for the first time.

Precap: Sai video calls Pakhi and asks how she is now. Pakhi says she is fine and thanks her for saving her, gaining Virat’s love as his wife. Virat meets a couple who talk about their bus accident in Gadchiroli and an encounter with a woman and her toddler. He thinks if they are talking about Sai and Vinu.