Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 22, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sai tells Virat that Pakhi’s insecurities have increased to such an extent that she is risking her own life, so she doesn’t want to continue working with Virat and create more storm in Pakhi’s mind. She says that Pakhi has many questions in her mind after the picnic, so she has decided to resign. Virat says she cannot just resign and recalls that she took this job to provide medical care to police officers like her Aabha and their family. Sai says that sometimes they have to choose between good and necessary and it is wise to choose what is important, so it is important for her to choose what is important for the sake of Mrs. Chavan. She asks him to accept her letter of resignation and let her complete her notice. Virat says she forgot to sign more. Sai signs and leaves.

After her shift, Sai takes Savi and Usha to a restaurant which Savi insists on meeting Vinu and Virat. Sai says they can’t go there because Pakhi is sick, so she arranged a surprise for her. Savi says she doesn’t need a surprise. Panipuri arrives. Savi is feeling excited. Usha asks if there is anything special today that she brought for them to have pani puri. Sai says she just felt like it so she brought them out. Sai reminds Savi not to have more than 4 puris or she will get sick like last time. She anxiously chews pani puri as she recalls her office event and begins to cough. Usha asks her to stop and asks what she is hiding. Savi rubs Sai’s back and remembers that Virat rubbed her back the same way last time.

Chavans perform Ganapati pooja at home. Virat joins them and asks for reason. Ashwini says she had taken an oath to perform pooja once Pakhi gets home safely. Panditji says pooja is now complete. Pakhi tries to leave. Virat tries to help her but she refuses his help. Virat gives her an envelope. Vinu checks it and gets happy when he sees Khandala travel tickets. Virat says only he and Pakhi are going. Ashwini says let them go alone, we all go somewhere else. Sonali says that Virat and Pakhi are going on their first honeymoon. Vinu asks what honeymoon is. Pakhi says it’s nothing let Virat go with his other family as she is not interested in going with him. She leaves with Vinu. Bhavani tells Virat that Pakhi will not be convinced with just a honeymoon plan, he has to remove the fear of Sai from her heart. She says he spends 12 hours with Sai in the office. Virat says why they misunderstand him and exaggerate the problem, he really didn’t know now that Pakhi was on that bus and Sai is no more than Savi’s mother to him, he is tired of explaining himself and trying to rectify his mistake . Bhavani says it may not affect him, but a woman; he must have reacted according to the situation, but a woman’s pain is as true as Virat’s intent. She asks him to make sure Sai is out of their lives if he wants Pakhi to trust him again. Virat reveals that Sai handed in her resignation and he accepted it. Bhavani says this is good news and he should tell Pakhi. virat says he doesn’t want to take Sai’s name in front of Pakhi. Chavans rejoices at Sai’s resignation.

Karishma meets her friend Vikrant in a restaurant. Vikrant gets romantic and tries to kiss her. Karishma stops her and says it’s a public place. Vikrant asks that she never meet him in a private place and tries to kiss her again. Pakhi holds Vikrant by the collar and tries to hit him. Vikrant holds her hand and asks who she is and why is she interfering in their problems, does she know who Karishma is. Karishma says that Vikrant is her friend. Sai says such friends are unreliable. Karishma says it is none of her business and orders her to leave her friend’s collar and leave from there. Sai walks away furiously. Vikrant asks Karishma why she behaves strangely with him in front of people. Karishma says Sai is her ex jethani/SIL and can ruin her life. Sai overhears their conversation.

Bhavani meets Pakhi and says that when she saw Pakhi grow their family business to new heights, she thought Pakhi was intelligent but missed an opportunity to spend time with Virat. Pakhhi says that once lost trust cannot be recovered, she feels that people don’t appreciate her and she doesn’t want to break her heart any more with false hopes and dreams. Bhavani says her life will change if she starts dreaming again. She reveals that Sai quit her job and Virat accepted it. Pakhi is shocked to hear that and asks why. Bhavani says that it is none of their business and they should be happy to get rid of Sai, she should focus on her married life and giving birth to a child from Virat then Virat will wander after Pakhi and Vinu will stop the chanting Savi’s name. She says that God has given her another chance and she should not lose it. Pakhi says she knows that Bhavani is worried about her relationship but it’s better if the relationships that need explanation end.

Precap: Vinu tells Savi over the phone that they had pooja at home and shows pooja location. Sai feels heartbroken when he sees Virat asks Pakhi to give him another chance, takes Pheras around Havan Kund and accepts her as his wife again.