Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 21, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat tells Pakhi that when they returned from the hospital, he and Ashwini suggested to her to stay downstairs, but she then firmly refused; now she comes down the stairs alone, what if something had happened to her. Pakhi asks what does he care, he shouldn’t stretch the matter and let her go. Virat holds her to support her. Pakhi shouts to let go of her hand. Virat asks her not to express her anger on other issues. Vinu asks if he can at least help and supports her. Pakhi moves and writhes in pain. Family leaves her. Virat says he will call a doctor. Pakhi shouts that this is not necessary. Vinu calls Sai and asks her to come and treat Pakhi as she is bleeding. Sai calls Virat and when he doesn’t answer her calls, she grabs her first aid kit and rushes out. Usha asks where she is going.

Family moves Pakhi to a guest room. Virat asks why she couldn’t stay in her room. Pakhi warns him to stop showing his fake concern as she left her to die and gave Sai lip-to-lip breath and saved her. Virat says he didn’t know she was on that bus. Pakhi says she doesn’t exist for him at all, he used to make a false promise and then broke, he just appreciates Sai and not her, and asks him to leave from there or else she will commit suicide. She cries why God saved her and hopes she would have died. Pulkit enters and sees Pakhi bleeding and asks Chavans to leave the room. Once they leave, he checks Pakh’s pulse and asks her to relax.

Chavans wait nervously in the living room. Doorbell rings. Virat opens the door and finds Sai standing there. Sai asks how Pakhi is now. Virat says she is in pain, who informed her. Sai says that Vinu had called her and informed her about Pakhi’s condition, let her go and check on Pakhi. Virat stops her and says that Pulkit is already there. Bhavani calls out who called her here, Pakhi hates her and would get even more angry if she saw her. Sai tells Virat that she will go and help Pulkit. Virat says he doesn’t want her to enter his house and create another drama. Sai leaves. Virat shuts the door in her face. Sonali says Virat made the right decision this time.

Virat sits outside Pakhi’s room. Ashwini brings Virat coffee and says she wants him to go to her room to sleep, but she knows he won’t. Virat says how to sleep when he sees Pakhi in pain, he wants to take care of her but she won’t let him. Ashwini says that when 2 people bond with each other they slowly fall in love without realizing it, one has to express their love, he and Pakhi are now at a stage where they have to save their marriage at any cost. She says she knows he saved Sai. Vira says that…. Ashwini says she knows he fulfilled his duty but Pakhi is heartbroken and he has to gain her trust. Virat says he wants to see her happy, but she doesn’t even want him around her. Ashwini says that Pakhi really loves him and expects love back. Virat says that he has already fallen in love and cannot fall in love again. Ashwini says he told that Pakhi gave him another life, so he cannot dedicate his life to Pakhi.

Sai returns home and thinks she knows what to do next. She writes a letter of resignation. Usha asks if she knows what she’s doing. Sai says she knows. Next morning, Virat prepares breakfast for Pakhi and asks Ashwini to give it to Pahki without telling her that he has prepared it and give her medicine on time. Ashwini asks her not to worry. Virat leaves for work. Bhavani enters and says that until Sai works with Virat, Virat and Pakhi’s problems will continue. Sai offers Sai her letter of resignation. Virat asks why in shock. Sai says Pakhi’s insecurities, questions and frustration have increased because of her, so she decided to resign.

Precap: Vinu tells Savi over the phone that they had pooja at home and shows pooja location. Sai feels heartbroken when he sees Virat asks Pakhi to give him another chance, takes Pheras around Havan Kund and accepts her as his wife again.