Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 20, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat holds Pakhi’s hand and tries to take her home. Pakhi loosens her hand. Ashwini asks Pakhi to rest until she gets better by saying goodbye to office and household chores. She says she prepared sesame laddus for Pakhi and warns Mohit not to disturb Pakhi with office work. She tells Pakhi to stay in the ground floor room until she is better. Pakhi says she will stay in her own room and walks in with Vinu’s help. She feels severe pain when climbing stairs. Virat holds her and asks her to be careful. Family also rushes to her with concern. Pakhi tells Virat that she will be careful with him in this. On the other hand, Sai feels a headache. Usha massages her head and says she is stressed late. Sai thinks why Pakhi said she shouldn’t have saved her.

Pakhi reaches her room and brings her and Virat’s beds together. Ashwini and Ninad enter and say that they have replaced Virat and Pakhi’s old beds with a single bed so that they can spend time together. Virat says it’s ok as he can take good care of Pakhi. Ashwini and Ninad run away. Pakhi looks angrily at Virat. Usha tells Sai that if she sees from Pakhi’s point of view, even she would think that Virat would save his ex-wife first. Sai says Virat doesn’t bother her more than Pakhi, Pakhi bothers himself unnecessarily. Usha says that even Sai and Virat have problems too. Sai says she spends her life peacefully with her daughter. Usha says that none of the three are in peace, she should be wondering if she is really happy.

Virat tries to talk to Pakhi but she doesn’t speak and chooses pillows to sleep on the couch saying she can take care of herself and doesn’t need his help. Sai tells Usha that she knows she is happy in her life and will clear up Pakhi’s misunderstanding. Usha warns her to stay away from Pakhi and Virat. Sai thinks she must talk to Pakhi at all costs. Pakhi asks Virat to divide their beds as before as she doesn’t want to share the bed with him, she didn’t speak in front of Ashwini and Ninad as she didn’t want to break their hearts. Virat says he really didn’t know her if on the bus or else.. Pakhi asks what he would have done differently, had he saved her instead of Sai; he promised to fulfill his responsibility to her; she asked the same question to Sai and Sai cleverly avoided it, she knew the answer in advance. She writhes on the couch in pain. Virat supports her and begs her not to bother herself as he cannot see her in pain. Pakhi says she wants their beds separated as before. Virat says as she wants, she will sleep on the bed and he will sleep on the sofa. She squirms into pai again as she tries to get up and won’t let him touch her. Virat leaves.

Sai calls Pakhi. Pakhi asks why she called. Sai asks how she is now. Pakhi asks her to get to the point. Sai says called to answer her; earlier she told her that only Virat can answer Pakhi’s question but now she realized that the answer is Virat himself. Pakhi asks what she means. Sai says that Virat is a police officer and he just fulfilled his duty and saved her life. Pakhi asks if she thinks so. Sai says Pakhi’s point of view may be different but she will understand soon. Pakhi says she has known Virat well for many years and he has clearly shown who he will save, a lie will never hide the truth for a long time, etc. Sai sits sadly. Phir Le Aaya Dil Majboor Kay Kijiye.. song playing in the background. She imagines Virat walking up to her and offering her tea. She asks him to leave. Virat says she superficially wants him to go, but not out of her mind; she had told that she has no feelings for him and openly boasted in front of everyone, then why does she feel bad when she sees the picture of him and Pakhi; she should actually feel good that he is moving forward in life; does she really think she has moved on in life or has a place for him in a corner of his heart or is Pakhi right. She then realizes it was her imagination.

Virat does not find Pakhi in rom and anxiously searches for her. Pakhi tries with great difficulty to come down the stairs while holding her bleeding belly. Virat rushes to her and asks her to let him help. Pakhi yells that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. Vinu and Harini run to her and ask if she is okay. Pakhi says she is fine. Bhavani and others then gather and ask what she is doing. Pakhi says she will sleep in the spare room. Ashwini says she should have taken Virat’s help. Virat asks her to return to her room. Pakhi brazenly shouts that she wants to sleep in her room. Virat says they told her the same thing when she returned home, she is getting down unnecessarily now what if something happens to her. Pakhi says it shouldn’t bother him.

Precap: Ashwini asks Virat to go to sleep in her room. Virat says he cannot sleep when he sees Pakhi’s pain. Ashwini says he is in love with Pakhi and needs to express it. Virat says he doesn’t know how. Sai thinks she knows what to do now.