Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 19, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat thanks Sai who holds her hand for saving Pakhi’s life. Pakhi opens eyes and feels discouraged when he sees that. Viraj leaves to get medicine. Pakhi remembers Virat telling her that he noticed her at the right time. Sai gets happy when she sees Pakhi awake and says she will inform everyone. Pakhi holds her hand. Sai says she will inform Virat first. Pakhi continues to hold her hand. Sai performs her check and describes how Vinu and others were worried about her and would be very happy to see her awake. Pakhi asks if she is happy. Sai says she really is. Pakhi asks why she saved her when she got the chance to get rid of the hurdle. Sai says that she left like that a long time ago, that it is her responsibility to take care of her patient and she is just fulfilling her duty and promise to the Chavan family. Pakhi says she also talks like her ex-husband.

Sai says Pakhi thinks a lot, she will call Pakhi’s family. Pakhi holds her hand again and says she may be right, but she has an imaginative question for Sai to answer. Sai asks her to continue. Pakhi asks if both of them were trapped in that hanging bus, who would rescue Virat among them. Sai tells her to ask her husband about this and asks her for her meds. Pakhi insists. Sai says she cannot answer it as it is a question for Virat and serves her medicine. Vinu enters, gets happy when he sees Pakhi awake and calls all the family. Ashwini thanks god for saving Pakhi. Vinu says he cried a lot when he saw her in critical condition. Bhavani says she got emotional seeing mother and son’s love and asks Vinu to stop crying because his mother is back. Vinu says she was worried about Mom’s life. Bhavani says his mother is a tigress and would fight for life, she would have fought with god to return her DIL.

Ashwini then cries that they all broke down seeing her condition, Vinu and Savi prayed for her life, Sai and Virat and they all eagerly awaited her return. Sonali notes that life is unpredictable, who had predicted that a sautan will save her sautan’s life. Bhavani warns her to stop opening her mouth. Ashwini says Sonali is telling the truth, the truth is that Sai risked her life and saved Pakhi’s life twice. Bhavani blames Sai for Pakhi’s condition as Virat’s attention was on Sai instead of Pakhi. Karishma notes that Chavan family is atrangi where husband saves sautan and sautan saves her sautan. Virat comes back and hears that and whips them to stop opening their dirty mouths when they can’t speak properly and asks them to go outside and let Pakhi rest. The Chavan family elopes. Virat smiles at Pakhi.

Sai returns home with Savi. Usha shows concern for them. Savi hangs out with her. Usha says she went to both her parents and asks her to go in and have some food. Savi enters and says she will download her travel photos. Usha apologizes to Sai for forcing her to reveal Savi’s truth to Virat, when Sai knew about the consequences beforehand, saying that Sai was right that she shouldn’t have gone to the picnic at all. Sai says the situation wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t gone there. Virat shows his concern for Pakhi and promises to never let her go all his life. He asks Vinu and says both of them will not leave her hand at any cost. Pakhi remembers that Virat reanimated Sai and freed her hand. The doctor enters and informs him that Pakhi’s discharge papers have been signed and he can take her home.

Virat takes Pakhi home. Ashwini executes their nazar. Vinu holds Pakhi’s hand. Mohit asks Vinu to at least have food now. Ashwini says that Vinu has been hungry since morning. Pakhi sees Vinu barefoot and asks why. Vinu, like Pakhi, says that he is also fasting and promised god not to wear any footwear until Pakhi is better. Pakhi hugs her and says he doesn’t need to fast and his intention is enough for her. Virat holds Pakhi’s hand and tries to enter. Pakhi withdraws her hand.

Precap: Ashwini asks Virat to go to sleep in her room. Virat says he cannot sleep when he sees Pakhi’s pain. Ashwini says he is in love with Pakhi and needs to express it. Virat says he doesn’t know how. Sai thinks she knows what to do now.