Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 18, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Virat cries looking at Pakhi’s camera and says she didn’t pose well for even a single picture, now she wants to leave him alone. Sai prepares for Pakhi’s surgery and sadly notices Virat through a glass window. She walks over to him and comforts him. He wipes away his tears. Sai says that Pakhi is lucky to have someone to cry for her and assures that death will not touch Pakhi, who has such loving people around her. She assures him that she will not harm Pakhi and will return her to him safely. Virat blames herself for Pakhi’s condition and begs her to save Pakhi. Sai returns to OT and starts working.

Chavans prays for Pakhi’s life. Ashwini notices that Savi and Vinu are missing and worries about them. Savi comforts Vinu and assures him that his mother will be fine soon. She asks him to write on a wall that his mother will be well soon. Vinu writes on the wall. Savi wipes away his tears, hugs and comforts him. Chavans cry when they see that. Senior doctor checks Pakhi’s vitals and says no improvement, tells Sai they can’t save Pakhi. Sai asks him not to talk negatively until Pakhi breathes. Doctor says he speaks facts. He gives injections to Pakhi and says they are losing her. Sai checks Pakhi’s pupils and finds them dilating. ECG monitor goes blank and Pakhi stops breathing. The doctor team walks off as Sai nervously asks where they are going.

Doctor informs Virat and informs that they couldn’t save Pakhi, she is no more. Virat panics and asks him to check again. Ashwini cries louder. Sai performs Pakhi’s CPR. Bhavani blames Virat for the loss of Pakhi’s life. Vinu comes across OT and begs Pakhi to wake up. Sai gives defibrillator shocks to Pakhi and Pakhi starts breathing again. Doctor takes charge and after some time informs Virat that Pakhi has to be kept under observation for the next 12 hours and they have to see if she will survive or not. Virat says that Pakhi is a fighter and will surely survive. He sits next to Pakhi and remembers that he promised her never to abandon her and her misfortune. He says he can’t forgive himself for whatever he did to her and even she shouldn’t forgive him but just open her eyes and punish him. He keeps begging her. She shakes her hands. Virat excitedly calls Sai. Sai asks him to relax and let Pakhi rest as much as possible and let her body respond.

The next morning, Virat wakes up and asks Pakhi if Pakhhi is okay. Virat says Pakhi’s vital functions are improving. Virat asks if she didn’t sleep all night. Pakhi says her duty is to save a patient’s life and she knows Pakhi’s importance in Virat and his family’s life. Virat holds Sai’s hand and says that he cannot pay her debt even if he wanted to. Pakhi opens her eyes and feels discouraged again when she sees Virat holding Sai’s hand.

Precap: Sai asks Virat why he came to her house.
Virat says she won’t let him get out of her mind and why does she feel bad when she sees the picture of him and Pakhi, does she really want him to disappear from her life or does she still love him.