Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 17, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Ninad tells Virat that even they are shocked by Pakhi’s news, but try as they may, they cannot save Pakhi. Ashwini says that Pakhi has fallen from such a height and cannot survive. Bhavani says nothing will happen to Pakhi. Virat remembers Pakhi fell and says he must save her at any cost. Ninad says the police team has been looking for her for 5 hours. Virat says he will find her. Sonali asks if she survived after falling from such a height. Virat says nothing can happen to her. Ashwini asks why Pakhi didn’t get off the bus. Virat says he thought she got off the bus and asks the principal. Principal says she was busy rescuing children and Virat was busy rescuing Sai so she doesn’t know if Pakhi had come out or not.

Bhavani shouts that she knows nothing can be right where Sai is, Virat was busy rescuing Sai and ignored Pakhhi. She asks if he never thought his wife needs him and calls Sai manhoos/ignorant because of who their family is suffering etc. and finally she blames Virat and Sai for Pakhi’s death. Virat shouts that Pakhi is alive. Savi and Vinu beg Virat and Sai to do something and locate Pakhi. Sai comforts them. The police team returns and informs Virat that they searched the whole area and couldn’t find Pakhi. Vinu cries as she hugs Virat.

Sai goes into the jungle in search of Pakhi. She finds Pakhi’s camera and thinks she must be somewhere nearby. Continuing to search for Pakhi, she slips and is injured near a lake. Her blood falls into the water and a crocodile gets active tasting blood. She notices a crocodile and runs after her when she sees Pakhi lying unconscious with a rock in the lake. She pulls Pakhi out of the lake and warns Virat. Virat with his team reaches there and carries Pakhi away. The Chavan family cries upon seeing Pakhi and asks if she is alive. Virat gets Pakhi into an ambulance and reaches the hospital. Sai decides to operate on Pakhi but Bhavani stops her and accuses her of trying to kill Pakhi now. Sai says that she is a doctor and her duty is to treat her patient with an unbiased attitude and if Bhavani tries to stop her, she will be charged with Pakhi’s murder. Bhavani calls who she is to decide when Pakhi’s family is there. Virat says it’s his decision and asks Sai to operate on Pakhi.

Precap: Savi comforts Vinu and assures him that his mother will be fine. Pakhi dies during the operation. The doctor informs Virat that they couldn’t save Pakhi.