Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 16, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sai collapses after Virat saves her from the bus. Virat tries to wake her up and finds that her head is injured. He rips his shirt, ties it around her head, and begs her to wake up. Pakhi lies unconscious in the backseat unnoticed. Ninad and Ashwini head towards picnic spot and are stopped by injured passengers who inform that the Devrath International School bus has had an accident. Ashwini panics and says it’s Vinu and Savi’s school. Chavans also watch the news and unsuccessfully try to contact Virat and Sai. Sonali blames Sai for the trouble and prays for the lives of Virat, Pakhi and Vinu. Bhavani says that she is not only praying for the lives of Vinu, Virat and Pakhi, but for the lives of all the bus passengers. Sonali thinks that Bhavani often changes his tone.

Pakhi wakes up to find himself in a hanging bus. She calls Virat. Virat gives Sai lip-to-lip breathing and tries to revive her. Pakhi shatters that and remembers Virat telling her that Sai is important to him as she is the mother of his child. Sai wakes up and cries for Vinu. Vinu says she’s here. Sai hugs him crying. Pakhi remembers Virat telling that he will show her how important she is to him when the time comes. Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aahen Nilakti Hain. song. She remembers Virat and her first meeting and her love for him, etc. She breaks down further when she sees Virat embracing Sai, Savi and Vinu. Vinu asks where mom is. Virat searches for Pakhi and thinks if she is on a bus. He runs to the bus and sees her on the bus and warns. He runs. Ninad stops him and asks where he is going. Virat holds bus rope and tries to pull it back.

Sai feels dizzy and falls down again. Ashwini runs to her and supports her. Ninad asks where Pakhi is. They notice Virat trying to pull the bus and realize that Pakhi is on the bus. Rope breaks and bus falls off the cliff, leaving everyone in shock. Virat and Vinu run to the bus. Bhavani was worried about those who went to the place along with Mohit, Sonali and Omkar. Virat stops Vinu from running down the cliff and Ninad stops Virat, saying it’s no use if he goes down. Vinu asks if mom is dead. Virat says no and pushes everyone away and runs to find Pakhi. Passengers discuss how one will survive after falling from such a distance. Virat returns at night and cannot find Pakhi. Ninad asks if Pakhi has been found. Bhavani reaches them with others and asks what happened to Pakhi, if everything is alright. Virat stands pointless. Ninad says he knows how painful it is to lose Pakhi just like him, he has to accept the truth and realize that they can’t find Pakhi anymore.

Precap: Saii searches for Pakhi with police help and finds her lying by a lake. A crocodile heads towards Pakhi.