Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 15, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Pakhi asks why he didn’t wear their wedding ring on his left hand, she feels bad when she sees his right finger is empty. virat says he never thought of it, he writes with his right hand and therefore wore a ring in his left hand. He wears a ring in his right finger and tells him to click beauty in front of the camera. He takes her camera and tries to click the picture without opening the lid. Pakhi removes the lid and hides her face. Virat clicks on her picture. Sai feels sad when he looks at them. Virat cheers up Pakhi and asks her not to let her smile disappear from her face all the time. Pakhi smiles. Virat says he told her that Sai is important to him because she is the mother of his child, in that logic she is also the mother of his child and important to him. Pakhi asks if Sai is really important to him. Virat says he doesn’t want to argue with her on this matter, Pakhi is the one who supported him when he was alone and wiped his tears, he will prove her love when the right time comes. Pakhi asks if he says this to cheer her up.

Virat recites a poem and asks her to tell more about her, asks why she told that his favorite actor is her favorite actor. Pakhi says eyes show what is in the heart, words create a fake image, he shouldn’t put so much effort if it looks funny, one can’t just ask someone’s favorite things and a partner should know about it himself, Virat never saw her as a partner and should have said what he liked since his choice is now her choice. She says he says she is most important to him but how can she believe him; he must make an effort like her and make her believe, until then she must leave him alone. A parent notices Virat’s efforts and discusses that Virat is very lively, he knows how to keep the balance between his ex and current wife. Sai looks at her angrily. Lady apologizes. Sai offers friend modak to Savi and Vinu.

The tires of the bus are flat and the brakes no longer work. The driver loses control of the vehicle and drives roughly, injuring passengers. The bus stops halfway at a cliff. Virat tries to calm passengers down and mutters that the bus could topple over any minute. Passengers panic more. Virat asks everyone to stay where they are and try to send kids in the back row. He asks the driver if he has a rope. Driver says it’s on a bustop. Virat climbs up, jumps down with a rope and ties a bus to a tree with a rope. Everyone begged him to save them. Virat gets back on the bus and assures everyone that he has tied the bus with a rope so they all have to get off the bus one by one. Virat takes out Savi and Vinu first and then the rest of the passengers.

Sai remembers her earlier accident and freezes. Virat shakes her and asks why she hasn’t gotten out yet. Sai panics and asks where their son Vinayak is, he must have fallen here somewhere. Virat realizes she remembers an earlier accident where she lost Vinu, he should get her out of this shock. He lifts her up and takes her out as Pakhi falls unconscious in the back seat.

Precap: Pakhi looks out of the bus and notices Virat trying to revive Sai with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Sai opens his eyes. Pakhi sits heartbroken. Bus rolls down cliff and catches fire. Everyone looks shocked when they see that.