Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 13, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The school principal continues to host the game and says her next question is for Mr. Chavan. Pakhi asks her to leave it that way as her husband may give a wrong answer and she may lose a won game. Virat asks the director to continue with the questions. The director asks what his wife’s favorite color is. Virat says white. Pakhi shows pink. The director says a wrong answer. Virat says he will answer the next question correctly. Principal asks who his wife’s favorite actor is. Virat says the one and only Shahrukh Khan. Pakhi shows Irfan Khan. The director says a wrong answer. Savi says they will lose. Virat asks Pakhi since when Irfan Khan became her favorite actor. Pakhi says ever since Irfan Khan became Virat’s favorite actor.

Sai ponders why she always has to put up with a strong display of public display of affection for Virat and Pakhi. Teacher asks what is Virat’s wife’s favorite hobby. Virat says photography. Pakhi shows photography. The teacher says it’s a good answer and asks what his wife’s favorite drink is. Virat says green tea. Pakhi shows coffee and says that green tea is Sai’s favorite and not hers. Teacher asks what his wife was wearing when she first met him. Virat says the one she’s wearing now. Pakhi shows the same dress. Other students’ parents joke that Mr. Chavan doesn’t know his wife well while his wife knows him very well. Pakhi says it’s better if they hadn’t played because everyone laughs at them. Virat says that even other spouses gave the wrong answer. Pakhi says he has an argument with her again and runs away in a rage. Teacher says no one won.

Bhavani accuses that it is Savi’s plan to interfere in Virat and Pakhi’s life with Savi. Ninad asks why Sai would use Savi. Bhavani says Virat and Sai’s wedding anniversary and Sai’s birthday on the same date is not a coincidence but Savi’s conspiracy Ninad and Ashwini can’t see she knows Savi is not Virat’s daughter and Sai tries to re-enter Chavan Nivas and tries to destroy virtually. Ashwini says she wants to visit Pakhi now. Ninad says they can’t go there because Pakhi is having a picnic. Ashwini says she felt Pakhi’s pain and as a mother it is her duty to comfort her daughter. She will go alone if Ninad does not accompany her. Bhavani asks if she knows what she is up to.

The director chooses the next piece and says that the next contestants are Savi’s parents. Everyone claps for them. Feeling excited, Savi asks her aayi and baba to return victorious.
Virat and Sai look at each other in the hocks. Pakhi warns Virat not to get involved. Sai tells Savi she cannot participate. Savi insists on getting the winner’s crown as a birthday present. Sai scolds her. Savi asks Virat if she is wrong when she demands a birthday present from her parents and starts crying. Sai tries to convince her not to get stubborn. Savi becomes adamant. Other parents taunt that Virat has two wives. Virat gets annoyed when he hears that and tells Sai to get involved. Pakhi asks what he means. Virat says that he just wants to fulfill his daughter’s wish at any cost, so Pakhi should not misinterpret him. He again asks Sai to participate for Savi’s sake. Savi agrees and joins him.

Principal announces that Mr. Chavan and his ex-wife are the next contestants. Sai requests them to call Savi’s aayi and baba. Principal apologizes and asks Sai what she calls Savi’s baba. Sai thinks he’s a cocky spy, but she shouldn’t answer this. Savi cheers them up. Vinu asks how will they win if baba doesn’t know about mamma, he is sure all their answers will be wrong. Sai hears them and writes khadoos jasoos. Virat shows the same. Everyone claps for them. Vinu says that even Mom doesn’t think about it now. Teacher asks Virat what is Sai’s favorite drink. Sai writes green tea. Virat writes the same. Teacher says good answer. Savi says her mother even serves her green tea. The teacher asks Sai what Virat’s favorite food is. Sai writes fried modak. Virat writes the same. Pakhi feels more discouraged when he sees that.

Teacher says: let’s see how many questions Vriat answers correctly, because he couldn’t last time. She asks what Sai is afraid of. Virat and Sai both write lizard. Savi says she didn’t know that aayi is afraid of lizards. Teacher asks what is Sai’s favorite food. They both write cotton candy. Everyone claps for them as tears roll down Pakhi’s face.

Precap: Picnic bus breaks down while returning and hangs on a cliff with Sai and Pakhi hanging on each side of the door and calling Virat for help. Virat looks in delimma who to save.